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Announcing the Event and Meeting Center 
We are proud to announce our Event Scheduling and Management suite.

This is a great addition to our existing world class suite of meeting software. This is a user friendly tool that facilitate scheduling, user registration and enables organizing information about an event effectively.

Discover how this unique event management software can help ease your event scheduling needs and take the stress out of event management and meeting scheduling process.

If you are an event planner, you can cut costs and save time using the event management process from ShowMyPC. The software takes over the crucial elements of organizing an event so that you can focus on the core area of PEOPLE and PRESENTATION.

The software helps add new elements of interactivity to your events through Screen Sharing, Chat Room, Conference and User Registration features, improving user experience significantly.

We are adding new features to this suite. Please stay tuned for updates in the upcoming days!

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Limited Time Offer for our Professional and Business Plans 
We are announcing a promotion where you can get 2 free months of service when you start a yearly subscription to our "Online Meetings and Remote Support" product.

Provide remote support, conduct meetings and demonstrations online.
With so many features, customize the service the way you want. Get your customized domain, and generate revenue by helping and training remotely. Learn more..

No Contract. Change or cancel any time.

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ShowMyPC releases NEW version of free Remote Support and Desktop Sharing product 
ShowMyPC has been serving millions of users over the past 10 years with easy to use, feature- rich, and most importantly, FREE services for online collaboration.

We are very proud to announce the release of the latest version of our free product (v 3150), which includes a brand new user interface, faster connection speeds, and enhanced support for various Windows versions. As always, there is no cumbersome registration requirement, and you will be up and connected in a couple of clicks.

How to start Free Instant Meeting?

1. To share your desktop instantly, Launch ShowMyPC3150.exe
2. Click on "Show My PC" button to generate password and make your computer accessible remotely.

3. Give the password to remote user. They will choose "View remote PC" option, enter the password, and start viewing. Its that simple!

We believe in providing high quality free services for users to be able to connect and collaborate, and our latest release makes the fresh and modern interface available to our millions of users.

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Announcing the ShowMyPC Affiliate Program! 
We are very excited to announce that the ShowMyPC Affiliate Program has been launched this week.

Our Affiliate program is an incredibly easy way for website owners and online marketers to earn money and generate revenue from the traffic to their site. We pay partners for any accounts that come from their web site as referrals.

Key benefits of the program include:
- Unlimited revenue potential.
- FREE Affiliate Membership.
- Access to the affiliate portal to track earnings, get banners and more.
- Monthly commission on the accounts referred to us.
2-10 references: 20%
11-20 references: 25%
21 or more references: 35%

All partners get access to an online account where they can track their performance in terms of total clickthroughs, conversions and revenue generated from their referrals.

Click here to join our Affiliate Program!

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Quick and Easy Switching of Meeting Presenters 
We have released a new version of our premium meeting software(3160) that enables quick and easy switching of presenters during a meeting. This has been a much requested feature from our remote support and desktop sharing software customers. We have gone a step ahead and allow viewing of multiple presenters during a session. This can come in great use when collaboration requires comparison of multiple user's screens.

Switching screens is as easy as 1-2:
1) While a session is in progress, any user can become a presenter. "Switch Presenter" > "Make Me Presenter"

2) Meeting attendees click "Switch Presenter" > "View New Presenter". This will keep any existing presenter's screen being viewed open, enabling mulitple screen views.

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