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Maximizing the Benefits of Video Conferencing Services 
Why should you make the most of your video conferencing service? It is one of the best ways to create a visual and interactive dialogue with your business contacts around the world. For a large business, or even one with a modest technology budget, a video conferencing premium package is a worthwhile investment. This kind of package makes it easy for the business professional to engage in high quality communications with widely distributed employees and business partners.

When you sit down to your PC to utilize a premium video conferencing subscription, you will quickly realize that it is superior to a free video chat tool like Skype. The web camera on your computer becomes your way to be seen by a user sitting in front of her web camera attached to an Internet access point. The other user can easily see your facial expressions and gestures and return your conversation. You are brought together almost seamlessly in the virtual social environment.

You can also share a video conferencing service with coworkers. You just need to purchase a subscription for your desired number of users. The quality of video and sound will be better with our high-tech servers.

While you can find many brands of video conferencing on the Web, you should also be looking for the helpful features that go with this service. For example, for your business you might want to be able to save transcripts of the chat dialogue that scrolls down the screen. Be sure to read the specific options that come with your subscription and determine if it fits your needs.

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Why Try ShowMyPC? 
When a small business owner, or for that matter, any computer user, needs to make professional demonstrations and broadcast them via the Internet through a cost-effective method, it helps to be able to count on a service like ShowMyPC.

A person such as yourself preparing a demonstration pulls up the digital information on one server’s computer screen and uses ShowMyPC to share that material with many users. These users could be located anywhere.

For example, a person can teach English in Singapore, and the students who are learning English can be located in California, Brazil, and Australia. What matters is that each student has access to the Internet and the information about where to find the English teacher’s course. In this kind of virtual delivery model, the Internet becomes a truly democratic vehicle of sharing knowledge because the information can get to everyone in the user audience in a cost-efficient way.

Another example of why a user might use ShowMyPC is the professional sales training session. Let’s say that you are the head of a sales team with sales representatives stationed all over North America. You want to speak to your reps directly using Internet-delivered audio while your reps view your training materials on their own computer terminals.

You want the reps to interact with the information on their computer and with yourself as the training moderator. As the reps use their PC to make meaning out of the information, you can even respond to their questions. For example, you might answer their questions over audio, or you might instant message the reps as they post questions.

This kind of mixed media delivery model, including audio, text, and web graphics, helps you to provide a more interactive form of sales training. It is so much more cost-effective than flying all of your reps to one location for training. Just imagine the possibilities with ShowMyPC.

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View a remote PC from any device: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac 
ShowMyPC has released a limited beta of its Html viewer, which enables viewing a remote PC from any device. This feature is currently available to paid premium subscribers only.

- Ideal Screen Sharing for Online Presentations and Classrooms, and restrictive firewalls where viewer can simply watch using standard browser.
- Anyone allowed can view the remote PC without the need of any plug in or download, purely browser based.
- Ideal for viewing Powerpoint presentations, meetings and demonstrations online.

Steps to view Remote PC:
1. Start Your Meeting. Make sure the users have received a meeting invite from you (this will contain the link that will enable viewers to join the session).
2. Participating viewers can join the meeting using standard browser with the link provided in the meeting invite.
3. Selecting "Open Html Viewer" will open the meeting in the browser window.

Get more details at: http://showmypc.com/faq/html-viewer-ipad-mobile.html

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Integrated Web Conferencing and Meeting Room 
ShowMyPC has added many exciting features to the conference product based on customer feedback:

Single point of entry for all meeting requirements
Online shared folder
Improved multi-user chat
Integrated webcam
Free conference call number

All these along with an enhanced user interface makes this a unique, easy to use solution for all conferencing needs.

Get more details at http://showmypc.com/hosting/hosting-prices.html

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Screen Sharing with your Private Server 
ShowMyPC has come up with various tiered options, with a very competitively priced unlimited connections (per server) package at just $2550.00. The number of ongoing meetings can be managed depending on the hosting plan.

ShowMyPC offers the convenience of providing remote support and holding online demonstrations for clients. The private servers are completely flexible and enable businesses to keep traffic within their own network. Any numbers of viewers can be online at the same time. Premium server hosting users can customize their accounts in many ways. They can automatically e-mail their passwords to themselves and also add logos, change titles, and get conference call numbers. Separate applications are provided to users based on their customizations.

More details are available at http://showmypc.com/hosting/hosting-prices-private.html

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