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Conduct a Better Online Meeting 
If you’re using an online meeting software such as ShowMyPC, you’re off to a great start! Using an online service to share the contents of your PC or laptop screen is a smart decision. And the best part is that any user can view what you are broadcasting with a simple handheld device, such as an iPad or a Smartphone.

Use your ability to share what is on your desktop screen using ShowMyPC’s software to conduct more effective meetings. Save yourself the hassle of completing many steps to share information with your intended audience. Tailor the content that you will present on the screen to the needs of your audience.

Why should you conduct a better online meeting? Think about your audience for a minute. People who stop whatever they are working on during a busy workday to go online and view the contents of your computer screen are usually in a time crunch. They hope that you, like any other presenter, have taken the time to organize online meeting information for their easy consumption. They want to be able to use their time wisely during your online meeting. Otherwise, why would they log on?

So here is something that you can do to make the most of everyone’s time for the next online meeting. Start out with a white board, or a blank MS Word document. Map out the most important ideas that need to be communicated in the meeting. Then choose the presentation format that will communicate these ideas most effectively. If you just need a bit of text and lots of images, PowerPoint might do the trick. For a more informal brainstorming session, a whiteboard might work better. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to conduct efficient online meetings!

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Use Our Hosted Ticket System for Efficient Remote IT Support and Management 
ShowMyPC's hosted ticket system is a product that businesses and organizations can rely on to provide in-house technical support or to provide tech support to external clients. This feature is bundled free of charge with our Business and Enterprise remote desktop sharing plans and augments the delivery of efficient online tech support.

It doesn’t matter which group you provide IT support to using our brand of remote desktop access. We have the capabilities built into our service for your business to service the PC needs of many users. For example, you can manage an online help desk function with our hosted ticket system.

Here is an overview of how it works. Every time a customer wants to create a help request on your website, our version of the hosted ticket system will seamlessly create a help ticket. This means that a customer’s request gets assigned a unique number. Then it is up to your staff to handle each request. Having such a ticket enables the organization to track the work being performed by all tech support professionals.

Using tools built into our hosted ticket system, you can give personnel different kinds of access based on their role in the organization. You can also use our features to route help tickets to specific employees.

Customers will benefit from other features, such as getting prepared canned replies to their own frequently asked questions and receiving IT support from a coworker who has already reviewed the internal notes entered by the person who last worked the ticket. Even though the customer does not see internal notes, this feature will reduce the possibility that a customer gets frustrated at having to re-explain a problem.

As with all our premium plans, you can get your own branded and easy to remember domain like: http://myCompany.showmypc.com

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ShowMyPC Releases New Meeting App 
ShowMyPC has released version 3150 of the premium meeting application.

Some key new features include:
- Brand new User Interface
- An enhanced recording module, with multiple options to get the output you want, such as recording fixed regions of the screen
- Ability to quickly get to all your ancillary meeting tasks from the app

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Maximizing the Benefits of Video Conferencing Services 
Why should you make the most of your video conferencing service? It is one of the best ways to create a visual and interactive dialogue with your business contacts around the world. For a large business, or even one with a modest technology budget, a video conferencing premium package is a worthwhile investment. This kind of package makes it easy for the business professional to engage in high quality communications with widely distributed employees and business partners.

When you sit down to your PC to utilize a premium video conferencing subscription, you will quickly realize that it is superior to a free video chat tool like Skype. The web camera on your computer becomes your way to be seen by a user sitting in front of her web camera attached to an Internet access point. The other user can easily see your facial expressions and gestures and return your conversation. You are brought together almost seamlessly in the virtual social environment.

You can also share a video conferencing service with coworkers. You just need to purchase a subscription for your desired number of users. The quality of video and sound will be better with our high-tech servers.

While you can find many brands of video conferencing on the Web, you should also be looking for the helpful features that go with this service. For example, for your business you might want to be able to save transcripts of the chat dialogue that scrolls down the screen. Be sure to read the specific options that come with your subscription and determine if it fits your needs.

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Why Try ShowMyPC? 
When a small business owner, or for that matter, any computer user, needs to make professional demonstrations and broadcast them via the Internet through a cost-effective method, it helps to be able to count on a service like ShowMyPC.

A person such as yourself preparing a demonstration pulls up the digital information on one server’s computer screen and uses ShowMyPC to share that material with many users. These users could be located anywhere.

For example, a person can teach English in Singapore, and the students who are learning English can be located in California, Brazil, and Australia. What matters is that each student has access to the Internet and the information about where to find the English teacher’s course. In this kind of virtual delivery model, the Internet becomes a truly democratic vehicle of sharing knowledge because the information can get to everyone in the user audience in a cost-efficient way.

Another example of why a user might use ShowMyPC is the professional sales training session. Let’s say that you are the head of a sales team with sales representatives stationed all over North America. You want to speak to your reps directly using Internet-delivered audio while your reps view your training materials on their own computer terminals.

You want the reps to interact with the information on their computer and with yourself as the training moderator. As the reps use their PC to make meaning out of the information, you can even respond to their questions. For example, you might answer their questions over audio, or you might instant message the reps as they post questions.

This kind of mixed media delivery model, including audio, text, and web graphics, helps you to provide a more interactive form of sales training. It is so much more cost-effective than flying all of your reps to one location for training. Just imagine the possibilities with ShowMyPC.

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