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Schedule an Online Meeting - It's Easy! 
One of the things that you want to be able to do with the ShowMyPC service is scheduling business and personal meetings, such as video conferences on the web. With our remote server service, there are so many possibilities for making connections with business contacts through virtual meetings, and the best part is, there are just a few easy steps.

For example, you might want to schedule an online chat with one of the employees who telecommutes to your small business. Or, you might want to set up an online meeting with a prospective freelance contractor who can really support your business by taking over some of the workload.

All you need to do is use your PC or mobile device. Go to your ShowMyPC domain and launch the application, then go to Options to schedule your meeting. If you want to use one of your business contacts saved in the Microsoft Outlook address book, you might want to use the “Schedule Meeting (MS Outlook)” option.

Another easy way is to start is at the main screen, where you will select Options->Schedule a Meeting.

Its as simple as that! Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on our easy-to-use features in order to maximize the use of your subscription!

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Benefits of Adding Servers = Scalability 
Let’s discuss why ShowMyPC’s private hosting plans are perfect for an individual, small business, or organization seeking the benefits of scalability.

The scalability of a private server benefits the small business or organization more than you might think. The private servers are completely flexible and enable businesses to keep traffic within their own network. You can set up the account easily using your PayPal account or credit card as needed. Later on, it’s easy to add more servers when your business growth demands it. And we have support personnel ready to assist with your technical needs.

You are encouraged to inquire about additional custom options to tailor the service to your organization's unique requirements. ShowMyPC offers fully functional trial software with your servers.

The private server can be hosted on various operating systems- see specific system requirements here. Once you have a server with a public host name or IP address, you can easily set up the ShowMyPC service in under 7 minutes, and the price begins at the base of $220 (one-time).

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Cleaning Up the Computer Screen for Virtual Presentations 
Once you have gotten the hang of making presentations for training or collaborative purposes on your PC, you should consider your comfort level with preparing to communicate effectively with a virtual, professional audience. However, now there are new practical considerations to bear in mind as you continue planning new virtual presentations for your audience, perhaps even for daily or weekly meetings.

Think about how to clean up the computer screen, for example, prior to your next presentation so that what you present will be better suited to the audience. One idea is to make an appointment one half hour before your meeting on your e-calendar. In this time period, you can critically evaluate the content that you intend to share.

Take a step back from your computer and think about what your audience will view through ShowMyPC technology. Does what you have arranged on the screen make sense? Or should you learn how to be a more adept editor of your visual content display?

For example, you might be able to remove graphics that make the screen too busy. You might catch spelling errors in text that you have included in a presentation. You might decide to throw out items altogether that really do not fit your agenda for the meeting.

Above all, remember that it is a professional courtesy as the virtual meeting facilitator to take time to weed out ineffective visual elements so that your audience will derive maximum benefits from viewing your computer screen.

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Conduct a Better Online Meeting 
If you’re using an online meeting software such as ShowMyPC, you’re off to a great start! Using an online service to share the contents of your PC or laptop screen is a smart decision. And the best part is that any user can view what you are broadcasting with a simple handheld device, such as an iPad or a Smartphone.

Use your ability to share what is on your desktop screen using ShowMyPC’s software to conduct more effective meetings. Save yourself the hassle of completing many steps to share information with your intended audience. Tailor the content that you will present on the screen to the needs of your audience.

Why should you conduct a better online meeting? Think about your audience for a minute. People who stop whatever they are working on during a busy workday to go online and view the contents of your computer screen are usually in a time crunch. They hope that you, like any other presenter, have taken the time to organize online meeting information for their easy consumption. They want to be able to use their time wisely during your online meeting. Otherwise, why would they log on?

So here is something that you can do to make the most of everyone’s time for the next online meeting. Start out with a white board, or a blank MS Word document. Map out the most important ideas that need to be communicated in the meeting. Then choose the presentation format that will communicate these ideas most effectively. If you just need a bit of text and lots of images, PowerPoint might do the trick. For a more informal brainstorming session, a whiteboard might work better. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to conduct efficient online meetings!

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Use Our Hosted Ticket System for Efficient Remote IT Support and Management 
ShowMyPC's hosted ticket system is a product that businesses and organizations can rely on to provide in-house technical support or to provide tech support to external clients. This feature is bundled free of charge with our Business and Enterprise remote desktop sharing plans and augments the delivery of efficient online tech support.

It doesn’t matter which group you provide IT support to using our brand of remote desktop access. We have the capabilities built into our service for your business to service the PC needs of many users. For example, you can manage an online help desk function with our hosted ticket system.

Here is an overview of how it works. Every time a customer wants to create a help request on your website, our version of the hosted ticket system will seamlessly create a help ticket. This means that a customer’s request gets assigned a unique number. Then it is up to your staff to handle each request. Having such a ticket enables the organization to track the work being performed by all tech support professionals.

Using tools built into our hosted ticket system, you can give personnel different kinds of access based on their role in the organization. You can also use our features to route help tickets to specific employees.

Customers will benefit from other features, such as getting prepared canned replies to their own frequently asked questions and receiving IT support from a coworker who has already reviewed the internal notes entered by the person who last worked the ticket. Even though the customer does not see internal notes, this feature will reduce the possibility that a customer gets frustrated at having to re-explain a problem.

As with all our premium plans, you can get your own branded and easy to remember domain like: http://myCompany.showmypc.com

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