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7 Steps To Entrepreneurial Success in 2015 
In 2015 entrepreneurs across the globe will be brainstorming ways to make this year their best yet. To help you supercharge your business strategy, we’ve put together a collection of insider steps that are guaranteed to foster entrepreneurial success. Here’s how!

Boost internal collaboration
If you manage a team of employees its critical to encourage collaboration at all times. At the end of the day this is what will keep your business running smoothly. Collaboration based business tools and services providers such as ShowMyPC are incredibly useful resources that will ensure every employee is kept in the loop.

Set goals
Setting goals is something that every entrepreneur should do. Just remember to start off small and gradually introduce more ambitious, long-term goals as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Get organised
Regardless of the sector, organisation is the key to success. Try to integrate organisation into every aspect of your daily operations and encourage all employees to do the same.

Upkeep effective communications
Whether it’s communicating with employees or providing state-of-the-art support to your customers, an efficient communications solution is an absolute must for any business. Enlisting the help of a specialist remote support, desktop sharing and web conferencing provider is a great place to start.

Reassess budgets
Make 2015 the year that you boost your bottom line by taking a long hard look at your existing budgets and asking yourself if any changes need to be made. If you channel any cash into advertising, assess the ROI of each medium and determine whether or not you should increase or decrease the budget accordingly. Are you forking out for too many employee wages? Would it be in your best interests to take another team member on-board? What about areas you could cut down your overheads? These are all budget related questions that need to be asked!

Conduct market research
Whether you’re kick-starting a new business or refining an existing one, it always pays to know your market. There are some great free survey tools out there that you can use to gain invaluable insight into the mind-sets of your target audience. If you want a more complex analysis, you can enlist the help of a professional market research firm.

Be empathetic
According to experts the ability to see a situation from another person’s point of view is critical to business survival. Empathy will help you understand your customers, create a positive workplace and ultimately grow your business.

Armed with these insider tips, you should have the power to fast-track your business to success in 2015!

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Sleek and Faster Android App 
Our Android app has received a makeover for the New Year!

We have enhanced various features in the app to make it super usable
- Updated user interface with easy to use elements

- Remote PC Access user interface has been enhanced to work seamlessly on mobile devices
- The Remote PC Access feature now allows saving password and reuse of existing connections to make reconnecting a breeze
- The remote PC viewer has a new sticky menu to achieve all your tasks effortlessly, including better key handling and a smoother navigation

Try it out! Get the app from Google Play:

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Access Unlimited PCs with your Premium account NOW! 
We have introduced an add-on service to our Premium meeting accounts which 
allows users to access Unlimited PCs.

- Access and Manage multiple unattended PCs
- Access from any mobile device
- Windows RDP Support across firewalls
- Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8
- Track Lost or Stolen PCs

All this for a Low flat price of $50/month (additional savings with yearly purchase).
An excellent deal for users looking to maintain PCs across their IT infrastructure.

Existing users can add this on to their accounts.
Just select and subscribe to the required upgraded package from the hosting prices page.
We will prorate and update your billing.

Subscribe NOW

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ShowMyPC Uptime Monitoring | New service added for Premium customers 
This is a new addition to our suite of IT support products to enable our users to run their business effectively and efficiently. In the new digital and connected world, it is of great importance to ensure that your websites and servers are up and running 24/7. Our monitoring service makes it easy for you to be always in the know if there are any issues with your websites/servers.

Why Use Monitoring?
- Hosted monitoring enables instant setup and no costly software to install or maintain.
- Instant alerts to get notified immediately if your site is down.
- 24/7 access to Uptime History.
- Monitoring Frequency Starting at 1 min.
- Monitor http, https, ssh, ping requests.
- Access one week of history on the monitors.
- Analyze your site uptime, and improve as you have a window into the past performance of your website.

How do I add Monitors?
Currently, this feature is available only to subscribers of our Online Meetings and Remote Support product.
You can access the Monitor features from your account dashboard.

How can I get an overview of my Monitors?
You can visit the Monitor dashboard to get an overview of your monitors, and to see the status of your current monitors in a graphical format.
You can visit the Uptime Report section of the Monitor functionality to see history of your monitors.

How do I know when there is a problem with my website?
You will receive instant email notifications about any issues with your website based on your monitor alert rules configuration.

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Top 7 essential local advertising platforms for Small Businesses 
As the population continues to turn to the internet for information, there is simply no better way to target local markets than through the world wide web. The market for local advertising is thriving and it doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon. In fact, recent research from Wishpond revealed that online advertising has surged by a huge 36% since 2011.

If you want to get your business out there and vastly increase your target audience, read on for a list of the top seven local advertising platforms that every business should be utilizing.

Yahoo! Local Listings
Recent studies from ROI Research Inc and Performics indicated that around 20-30% of purchases made at retail stores were influenced by online search results. Let your presence be known with services such as Yahoo! Local Listings where you can promote your business to customers on the search for specific goods or services.

Facebook and Twitter
With over 1.23 billion active monthly users, Facebook is by far one of the most effective ways to advertise. Offering the option of refining your target demographic to include locality, Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to reach local customers. Twitter is also fast emerging as a social media giant and represents huge potential for local advertising. As well as building a following of local clients, you can also retweet the posts of other local businesses (and encourage them to do the same) in order to win more followers.

Froogle Local
As Google’s exclusive shopping search engine, Froogle is a great way to target local consumers as they search for location specific retail stores and products. It’s a great way to generate customers, regardless of whether or not your business offers online commerce.

Local online directories
Well known online directories such as the YellowPages and TrueLocal are great ways to up the ante on your local advertising strategy. The public use these websites to actively search for services which means that if your advertisement is eye catching and effective, you could win yourself a significant amount of easy business.

Google AdWords
Perhaps the most popular of local advertising platforms, Google AdWords allows you to target local online customers by purchasing pay-per-click ads that pop up when users search a specific area, city or region.

As a web domain registration and hosting company, Dotster offers businesses a comprehensive local web advertising package. Upon signing up you allocate a monthly budget which is then used to promote your ad on all the major search engines. It’s quick, easy and efficient!

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