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    Richard  2011-09-09 08:42:59      mutual remote control
I give piano lessons over Skype. I need my students to be able to control my PC while I also have control over theirs. Is this possible?
    showmypc  2011-09-09 10:59:22      mutual remote control

How to do mutual screen sharing?
In a case where both users want to share screen with each other, please follow these steps.
1. Both users will start sharing by clicking ShowMyPC Now on their own PCs.
2. Both users will share the password with each other.
3. At any point if you ready to View other users PC, click on View Remote PC and enter that users password.
Important: Make sure you minimize the Viewer of the other users PC, else you will see your own screen, resulting in mirror effect (multiple screens).

See more details here.

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