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    Kwok  2011-07-20 23:52:22      Error on connection
We have try to connect 2 computers from our client's office and found the
error. Please see in attachment. We can not use show my PC in those case.
Please advise asap.
    showmypc  2011-07-21 04:02:34      Error on connection
It seems like it could be related to a version vnc installed on that remote PC
As an alternative please try this option if you cannot find or remove vnc from that PC.

If you are having problem with a specific client.

You may ask the user to use the Java based version on your website "Mac Sharing | Linux Viewer" it works on windows too.
This will likely help you in case where a software might be conflict or blocking the exe version.
    Kwok  2011-07-23 15:41:36      Error on connection
We have checked, in this case the client only use the java based version.
When the technician use the same method (java based) connect to one pc
and connect to another PC within the network. This happened.
On 21/07/11 8:10 PM, ShowMyPC Support wrote:
    showmypc  2011-07-26 16:30:54      Error on connection
We verified this again, this is very likely related to a version vnc installed on that remote clients PC

You will have to get local help and try to locate a running instance of VNC or another ShowMyPC version on that PC.

1) Make sure the remote client is a administrator on his/her PC before you start ShowMyPC.
2) Check in c:\Program Files (for TightVNC, RealVNC or any other form of VNC and remove it if not needed)

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