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ShowMyPC Branded Application

    Norman  2010-04-20 10:49:11      ShowMyPC Branded Application
My "ShowMyPC" branded application is supposed to (and used to) generate a simple 4-digit password for remote support. I recently had one of my customers download 3070 and the password generated is a long, hyphenated one. I double-checked this myself. Why has this changed and can you please correct it?

    showmypc  2010-04-20 11:39:14      ShowMyPC Branded Application
If for any reason the system cannot get a stable network, it temporarily restores to default 14 digit password and if it is eventually successful it will switch to 4 digits withing few seconds.

The problem generally resolves itself next time you try, So please watch out for that, you should still be able to make a connection using 14 digits in this case.

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