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    Eric  2009-02-05 11:42:37      Is the server down?
I was working remotely and the connection froz up. When I attempt to re-connect I get the connect error message dialog.
    showmypc  2009-02-05 11:48:28      Is the server down?
It is not down it could have been a momentary network glitch. If it is not restarting and you cannot kill the VNC icon at the bottom left of your computer. Please restart your system and try again.

    Eric  2009-02-05 12:10:40      Is the server down?
How do I restart the Host remotely and get VNC to restart automatically. I tried putting it into the start folder, but buttons need to be selected and pushed to start hosting. Hosting needs to be able to auto start.

    showmypc  2009-02-05 15:22:22      Is the server down?
Is there no one on the other side? What version of the s/w are you using? Is this the meeting type version or the service version.


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