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    eddy  2011-02-05 04:40:58      RE: New Account
I installed in my office PC and now I can reach my office pc from my
home pc.
But, I also installed the showmypc
programm on my HTC android legend.
I downloaded and installed the program from the android market place.
But this program is not working in my Mobile phone, when I start the
program and I click on
'acces home or office pc' I got the message 'this account is
Can you please tell what I have to do.
    showmypc  2011-02-05 10:47:49      RE: New Account
On you android phone, after you start ShowMyPC.

1) Click on Change user and enter your domain: eddytheunis
2) Then click on "Access Home or Office PC"

You should see you PC listed now

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