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Recording sessions on ShowMyPC

    Al  2012-07-20 14:05:02      Recording sessions on ShowMyPC
I've just signed up for an account, as I understood that I could record
In working through the details it appears that:
- I can record a webmeeting using the Screen Recording button, and capture
an avi file to distribute
- I can record Conference calls and forward the details to others to listen
How do I deliver a capture a websession so that the audio and the visual of
the webmeeting are a unified experience?
    showmypc  2012-07-20 15:22:35      Recording sessions on ShowMyPC
Typically during a presentation if you want to record audio with screen sharing, you should get a good Mic that will record you audio data along with it. So if you are talking during your call you voice will also get recorded .

If you want to capture all the participants voice you may turn on PC Mic your phones speakerphone, everything that is said during a presentation will get recorded.

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