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Showmypc crashes real vnc server service

    Eric  2012-02-17 14:32:55      Showmypc crashes real vnc server service.
When I use showmypc "full tool" it crashes my real VNC service running in windows. Then I can't log into my PC remotely unless I re-run that service. Not a easy thing to remember every time I want to use showmypc.

So your product "showmypc" crashes the service running "real vnc enterprise" on windows 7 64bit. How can I use showmypc without it crashing that service ?
    showmypc  2012-02-17 16:05:22      Showmypc crashes real vnc server service.

Yes the current version of ShowMyPC does in fact conflict with any running VNC service,
Do you use the Full version mainly for supporting other users? if so the best option without any other change would be to download the latest Viewer application from your website, it will not close any services running in the background.

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