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How to integrate ShowMyPC on my website?
How to change, upgrade or buy add on products?
Sharing Voice, Webcam, Mic and VOIP
How to Join Meeting Chat Room?
Get yearly Meeting Plan and get 1 Month Free
Get yearly Access Home or Office and get 1 Month Free
How to change ShowMyPC account or billing?
Setup private server for Screen Sharing.
How to switch/transfer screen with a remote user?
Troubleshoot an error or problem?
Getting error Client ID not valid?
How to use ShowMyPC on Android Phone?
How to use ShowMyPC on Android Phone (Mobile Site)?
Enable Control Alt Del with ShowMyPC?
Show Mouse Pointer or Highlight screen areas.
Enable Control Alt Del with ShowMyPC?
Where is the company located?
Using custom domain with ShowMyPC (CNAME)
Translate ShowMyPC in your language
ShowMyPC Partner Program
How to change screen size or color?
Help with technical problem?
What is the latest version of my software?
Account canceled due to billing error or problem?
How to update my billing credit card?
How to integrate ShowMyPC use API with my software?
Login to Premium Account. Update logo or other settings.
Free Month Trial Premium Meeting.
Free Month Trial Access Home or Office Service.
Remote Meetings (Non Profit Educational).
Access Home or Office Service (Non Profit Educational).
Terms of Service.
Privacy Policy.
How to improve ShowMyPC meeting speed?
How to enable P2P for faster connections?
How to improve ShowMyPC Home or Office Service speed?
How to Transfer files?
How to Disable or Enable File Transfer?
Shared File Storage/Folder
Screen Sharing on Mac, Linux or Windows
How to make viewer read only on Mac, Linux?
How to disable control? Set View Only mode.
How to Show Viewer Toolbar on Windows?
How to use/setup ShowMyPC hosted Ticket System?
Not getting alerts or notifications?
Complete form if you did not receive
account information or email support@showmypc.com
How to remote print with ShowMyPC?
Request a private server version?
ShowMyPC detected in Anti Virus software?
Run ShowMyPC in restrictive environment.
ShowMyPC products and services.
How to schedule a meeting?
View ShowMyPC security document.
Setup Guide for New Meeting Account
Getting multiple windows when Viewing.
How to Reconnect on Reboot?
How does ShowMyPC work with Windows UAC?
Screen Capture and Recording on Windows (Audio Video).
Web based screen capture and recording.
How to uninstall or remove ShowMyPC?
How to use ShowMyPC on Mac OSX?
Troubleshooting an error Mac OSX?
How to use ShowMyPC?
How to setup proxy settings? (Premium version only)
How to view multiple remote PCs from your desktop?
Handle dual/multiple monitors, share Primary display.
How to View Remote PC From iPad, iPhone, Android?
How to cancel my subscription?
Share single application in Meetings account.
You can get voice conference call number
from your personal ShowMyPC website. If you already know the amount. Get your Invoice/Quote/Receipt
Billing changes can take up to 72 hours.
2Checkout Billing US CANADA 1.877.294.0273 UK 0871.284.4844
ShowMyPC General Questions 1.888.930.1116
Your firewall should allow port 443 and 80 to use ShowMyPC.
Home or Office Service password can only be
reset by you on the remote pc.
If you need a call for technical support,
please specify time when opening the ticket.
Call Us: (888) 930 1116