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Responsible Use of ShowMyPC

Responsible Use of ShowMyPC: Important Message

We take the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. Unfortunately, there have been some reports of malicious use of our software recently.

Please be extremely cautious when handling unsolicited phone calls and do not grant access to your computer to anyone you do not trust or know personally. ShowMyPC NEVER calls anyone offering to fix their machines or help them make their computer faster and virus free.

Some examples of scam phone calls include callers claiming to be tech support specialists, or claiming to be from known companies such as Microsoft. They will inform you of potential issues on your computer and offer to fix it by asking you to grant them access to your computer.

We assure you that ShowMyPC will NEVER call users offering to fix their computers. In case you receive any such unsolicited phone call, hang up, and do NOT let anyone get remote control access to your computer, and of course, never provide any of your credit card information to such callers.

ShowMyPC software when run on your computer does not impose any harm to your PC. The malicious activities may only occur when sharing your computer with someone untrusted.

Steps to Report a Session

If you would like to help report a session, send as much information about your network, including your public IPs and date and approximate time of the session.

1) Go to the Computer from where you started the ShowMyPC session and Report a Session below. Based on that information we will try to track the user and will take action.

Call Us: (888) 930 1116