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1. Which plan is right for me?
Visit the section which best describe you.
I want to Remote Support, Online Meetings, or show my PC or view remote PCs.
I want to Host Presentations, Classrooms, Training, or show and demo my products to web based viewers.
I want to Access my Home or Office PCs online. Also Track Lost or Stolen PC.
I want to Manage Servers and Clients PCs when no one is on the other side.
I want to Install my own local Private Hosted server, for faster response time and self hosted screen sharing.

2. What is 'ShowMyPC Collaboration' application?
ShowMyPC is an application for Instant Collaboration, Online Meetings, Desktop Sharing and Remote Support. ShowMyPC helps you connect online and show your screen or watch remote users screen, without registration or login. We provide a free version and a highly customizable premium version with options like reconnecting after reboot for professionals and businesses.

3. What is 'ShowMyPC Access or Office PC' service?
ShowMyPC service application is for accessing your Home or Office PC remotely. This service also helps you manage and keep track of your or your clients PCs online. An additional advantage of this service is that it offer free tracking of lost or stolen PCs.

4. What is 'ShowMyPC Private Hosted' service?
This service is for users and companies who are seeking to manage their own servers and pay one time cost for purchasing the ShowMyPC for local, fast and private service. See more information about your Private SSH options.

5. Which operating systems does ShowMyPC support?
These are the operating systems, we test on. In addition users have reported success on other flavors of Windows and Linux systems too.
Product Win XP Win Vista/2008 Win 7 Win 2000 Mac OSX Linux Android *
Remote Support Less Features Less Features
Access Home or Office PC Control a PC Control a PC
Broadcasting Service
Private Hosted Client Custom Custom Custom
Private Hosted Server -
* Android: Most Android Phones and Tablets, we are in process of testing on multiple devices. See Details

6. How are ShowMyPC applications secured?
ShowMyPC applications utilize VNC for desktop sharing over SSH AES 265 bit for secured communication. ShowMyPC software uses its pool of servers in the middle located across the globe to interconnect users.

7. Where is the license information?
See more License information.

8. Where is the list of updates or version history?
See Update and Version History information.
The latest free version is 3520 Get it Now

9. How do Premium users connect with clients?
See how to use 4 digit password.
1. What is ShowMyPC?
ShowMyPC is a Delaware, USA incorporated company and a community for Instant Collaboration. ShowMyPC provides free services, subscriptions, custom solutions and products to Enterprises and Small Businesses. We have been providing collaboration and remote access tools and services since 2002.

2. Where is ShowMyPC located?
The company Business and Administrative offices are located in Campbell, Santa Clara CA
ShowMyPC is a registered company in California and Wilmington DE, USA
ShowMyPC support staff is in multiple global locations.

ShowMyPC Business Operations
3031 Tisch Way
110 Plaza West
San Jose, California 95128
United States

3. What is the best way to contact?
Our support and engineering teams are located across the globe.

The fastest and best way to contact us for sales or technical support is to
Open a Ticket or via email support@showmypc.com

Primary Company Contact Number: (888) 930 1116
(M-F) 8am-5pm US Pacific Time

4. Where are our servers located?
Our services are hosted on Google App Engine Cloud and other data centers located across the globe in state of the art, highly secure facilities in and outside United States.

"ShowMyPC was built keeping the global reach and community in mind. It is exciting to see the results of open collaboration network helping millions of individuals, businesses, and creating instant jobs and revenue."
Vagish Narang CEO and Founder of ShowMyPC
1. Trouble using any product?

2. ShowMyPC and Anti-Virus programs?
Different anti virus program behave differently with ShowMyPC, some times programs do mark ShowMyPC as false positive.
Configure with Norton
Visit ShowMyPC Anti-Virus report.
Visit ShowMyPC safety report from Norton.

3. How to change Viewer quality and colors?

4. How can I translate ShowMyPC in my language?

5. How does ShowMyPC Proxy and HTTP support work?

6. How to Switch Screen?

7. How to Transfer Files?

8. See optional features and configuration.

9. Ultra VNC and the invisible Office 2007 Office Button

10. Does ShowMyPC provide any API?

11. How to remove or un-install ShowMyPC?

12. How to use ShowMyPC with multiple monitors?

13. How to use ShowMyPC hosted Ticket System?

14. Not getting alerts or notifications?

15. How to improve ShowMyPC speed?

16. How to resolve 'Invalid Win32 application' error?
Make sure you are on a windows PC, ShowMyPC Mac software versions are web based.

You are likely to get this error, due to a network error or download problem on your PC.
1) Please download the file on a different PC and verify then copy it to your PC using network transfer, CD or USB disk.
2) If you see this error, you may retry downloading using Firefox or Chrome browser.
3) If problem persists after re-downloading ask ShowMyPC support for help.

17. How to remote print using ShowMyPC?

18. How to View Remote PC From Any Device?
1. If Paypal canceled your account by mistake.
 Paypal canceled my subscription, help! Don't suspend my account!
 We do not cancel account because of billing issues unless they are unresolved after some time and the account is overdue.
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4. How to change/manage your subscription or credit card with 2Checkout?
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6. How to cancel my subscription?
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