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  • 5 reasons why you need ShowMyPC this summer

    Summer is finally here and with it comes warmer weather, glorious sunshine and the chance to get out and enjoy quality time with family and friends. However this doesn’t have to mean that your business experiences a lapse in productivity and communication. By enlisting the help of ShowMyPC, you can ensure that you, your employees and your busines...

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Manage A Remote Workforce

    Managing a business is tough and it can be made even tougher when employees are spread across a diverse area. From a commercial standpoint, remote workers make a lot of sense not least because the concept of a remote workforce has major financial benefits and means you can assemble a team that is highly skilled, recruiting from a geographical pool ...

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  • 10 Ways To Stay Connected When Working Remotely [Part 2]

    Read on for more tips for staying connected while working remotely... 6. Use Video Conferencing Use videoconferencing to be present in the office even when you’re far away. Working remotely takes away the face-to-face foundation that relationships are built on. Participating via video conference in brain storming sessions, briefings and meeti...

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  • 10 Ways To Stay Connected When Working Remotely [Part 1]

    Whether you work in a different building to colleagues, are on a different time zone to your clients, are a mobile worker or choose to be home based, it can be extremely difficult to feel connected when working remotely. As a lone worker outside of the hustle and bustle of the main office, it can be very easy to feel that you’re out of the l...

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  • 6 Easy Ways To Encourage Collaboration

    Collaboration is arguably one of the biggest buzz words of 2014 and one which, when done right, can lead to significant competitive advantages for savvy businesses. It’s also one of those concepts that can be quite hard to achieve. If you’re struggling to get employees sharing ideas, communicating and creating, try out these 6 easy ways to enco...

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