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  • Cleaning Up the Computer Screen for Virtual Presentations

    Once you have gotten the hang of making presentations for training or collaborative purposes on your PC, you should consider your comfort level with preparing to communicate effectively with a virtual, professional audience. However, now there are new practical considerations to bear in mind as you continue planning new virtual presentations for yo...

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  • Conduct a Better Online Meeting

    If you’re using an online meeting software such as ShowMyPC, you’re off to a great start! Using an online service to share the contents of your PC or laptop screen is a smart decision. And the best part is that any user can view what you are broadcasting with a simple handheld device, such as an iPad or a Smartphone. Use your ability to shar...

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  • Use Our Hosted Ticket System for Efficient Remote IT Support and Management

    ShowMyPC's hosted ticket system is a product that businesses and organizations can rely on to provide in-house technical support or to provide tech support to external clients. This feature is bundled free of charge with our Business and Enterprise remote desktop sharing plans and augments the delivery of efficient online tech support. It ...

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  • ShowMyPC Releases New Meeting App

    ShowMyPC has released version 3150 of the premium meeting application. Some key new features include: - Brand new User Interface - An enhanced recording module, with multiple options to get the output you want, such as recording fixed regions of the screen - Ability to quickly get to all your ancillary meeting tasks from the app ...

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  • Maximizing the Benefits of Video Conferencing Services

    Why should you make the most of your video conferencing service? It is one of the best ways to create a visual and interactive dialogue with your business contacts around the world. For a large business, or even one with a modest technology budget, a video conferencing premium package is a worthwhile investment. This kind of package makes it easy f...

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