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Announcing the Event and Meeting Center

[h5]We are proud to announce our Event Scheduling and Management suite.[/h5]
This is a great addition to our existing world class suite of meeting software. This is a user friendly tool that facilitate scheduling, user registration and enables organizing information about an event effectively.

Discover how this unique event management software can help ease your event scheduling needs and take the stress out of event management and meeting scheduling process.

[img=/images/events-screen-angle.png popup=false float=left width=500]

If you are an event planner, you can cut costs and save time using the event management process from ShowMyPC. The software takes over the crucial elements of organizing an event so that you can focus on the core area of PEOPLE and PRESENTATION.

The software helps add new elements of interactivity to your events through Screen Sharing, Chat Room, Conference and User Registration features, improving user experience significantly.

We are adding new features to this suite. Please stay tuned for updates in the upcoming days!
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