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Use Our Hosted Ticket System for Efficient Remote IT Support and Management

ShowMyPC's hosted ticket system is a product that businesses and organizations can rely on to provide in-house technical support or to provide tech support to external clients. This feature is bundled free of charge with our Business and Enterprise remote desktop sharing plans and augments the delivery of efficient online tech support.

It doesn’t matter which group you provide IT support to using our brand of remote desktop access. We have the capabilities built into our service for your business to service the PC needs of many users. For example, you can manage an online help desk function with our hosted ticket system.

Here is an overview of how it works. Every time a customer wants to create a help request on your website, our version of the hosted ticket system will seamlessly create a help ticket. This means that a customer’s request gets assigned a unique number. Then it is up to your staff to handle each request. Having such a ticket enables the organization to track the work being performed by all tech support professionals.

Using tools built into our hosted ticket system, you can give personnel different kinds of access based on their role in the organization. You can also use our features to route help tickets to specific employees.

Customers will benefit from other features, such as getting prepared canned replies to their own frequently asked questions and receiving IT support from a coworker who has already reviewed the internal notes entered by the person who last worked the ticket. Even though the customer does not see internal notes, this feature will reduce the possibility that a customer gets frustrated at having to re-explain a problem.

As with all our premium plans, you can get your own branded and easy to remember domain like: http://myCompany.showmypc.com
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