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Access and Manage Unlimited Remote PCs with our Private Hosted Plans

e are very excited to announce the release of a major addition to our Private Hosted Plans (Private3 upwards)! Customers can now have access to another of our flagship services "Access Home or Office PC" at no additional cost when they purchase the Private plan.

This will enable clients to control/manage unlimited PCs (each server can typically support hundreds of hosts) across the organization. This is a great addition to the already feature-rich and efficient Private Hosted offerings that ShowMyPC provides, and makes the package a complete solution for organizations wanting to host their own services and get the advantages of keeping traffic within their network, as well as the ability to scale at their own pace.

To use this feature on the Remote PC, while you are Viewing that PC:
- Click on the drop down box
- Click Show My PC (Reconnect on Reboot)
- A 4 digit password is generated. Save this password, it will be required to connect now and after the reboot

This service can be enabled once the plan has been purchased. As always, our technical staff will guide customers through the process of setting up the service, and get you up and running in no time!
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