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Choose a Low Cost, Lifetime License with our Private Hosted Plans

It is growing increasingly important for businesses and self employed people to have remote PC access between computers and host meetings and presentations online. Although this software is essential for many industries, it can be costly and time consuming to set up. But are the benefits worth the high monthly fees and tedious setup time?

ShowMyPC's widely used screen sharing service is perfect for business professionals worldwide, who need to access and manage multiple PC’s and devices remotely. Whether they work on the go, from home or at various office locations, many people rely on this remote access software.

ShowMyPC offers a number of private hosted plans for companies to host multiple meetings on their own servers. Here are just a few of the features from ShowMyPC’s private server packages:

Lifetime Licence
Unlike many similar services, a private server package from ShowMyPC offers a low cost lifetime license. This means no monthly fees to worry about, simply pay the one off price and you and your employees will have access to the software and its features forever.

Customized Service
ShowMyPC software is custom to your needs, and the user is in full control of choosing the features of the software. Small, medium and large businesses can customize the service they want to get maximum effect with a minimal cost. The differing packages vary in price, and can allow users to conduct 2 to an unlimited amount of screen meetings at any one time. This makes the screen sharing and remote support services extremely cost effective for every business.

Fast, Private Server
The private plans allow businesses to use their own fast, private servers which allow all communication to stay within the company network, and enable the remote access software to work quickly and more efficiently.

Trial Software
Any business or individual can request a free trial of ShowMyPC’s software, to test the server and software entirely. With just a 7 minute setup, the fully functional trial software works on any Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

There are many other advantageous features of the private server packages, such as Free Hosted Shared Folder, File Transfer and Free Conference Calls. Companies have nothing to lose by requesting a free trail from ShowMyPC and testing out the benefits of this innovative software for businesses.
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