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The Future of Screen Sharing

Computers have unquestionably infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. From business and banking to entertainment and travel, they’ve become central to the world as we know it. As computer technology has advanced, so too have the tools that complement it. In particular, desktop sharing has become one of the most popular ways for computer users to remotely communicate with each other. So what’s on the horizon for desktop sharing? Read on for our predictions of what’s to come…

Infiltration of all sectors

In the future expect to see desktop sharing emerge as a must have tool for businesses and service providers operating in all market sectors. As well as its current applications for corporate sectors such as business, banking, taxation and law, desktop sharing tools will also be adopted by a myriad of other markets such as healthcare, retail, science and more.

Collaboration in the workplace

Building better teams is an integral part of business growth and success. Rather than rely on group emails, presentations and conference calls for inter-team communication, desktop sharing will emerge as an efficient and effective tool for fostering excellent teamwork. The ability for employees to view and share remote desktops in just seconds will save time, boost productivity and encourage innovation.

Desktop sharing on-the-go

Could desktop sharing soon be a feature seen on the smartphones of everyday citizens? According to insider chatter, the answer is yes! Apple has recently been granted a patent which would see FaceTime double as a collaborative productivity tool where users can share screens while conducting a two-way video conversation. Furthermore, leading remote desktop support and meeting providers such as ShowMyPC are already offering Android and iPhone support across their range of packages.

Better services for users

Today, people expect more and more from technological services. Desktop sharing providers that can’t keep up with the demands of customers risk losing business at a rapid rate. To retain customers, expect to see providers rolling out better deals for customers across the board. Already, this can be seen in in services such as ShowMyPC which offer users unlimited hosting for private PCs, premium meeting support and a free helpdesk system.

With plenty of exciting new developments on the horizon, the future of desktop sharing is looking bright.
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