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The Growth of Home Workers

According to the latest global statistics, the number of home workers has continued to surge over the past few years. The US is on the work from home bandwagon, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that in 2013, 24% of employees worked from home for at least a few hours each week. In the UK alone, the Office for National Statistics confirmed that between January-March 2014 there were a huge 4.2 million home workers. While many of these workers are self-employed, others are simply company employees who are given the flexibility of working remotely from home. This is a trend that has swept the globe and is now adopted by businesses operating in all market sectors.

So what are the benefits of home workers?

Cuts overhead costs
When employing a remote worker businesses enjoy an array of financial savings. From freed up desk space and reduced utilities costs to an eased burden on the office tea and coffee station, remote workers have the potential to slash overheads.

Fosters employee diversity
When adopting a remote hiring policy, workplaces significantly enhance the scope of their employee pool. It opens up positions to skilled workers that may be interested in applying for positions yet can’t commit to a physical presence. It also gives businesses the option of retaining star employees even if they decide to move city or country.

Gives employees greater flexibility
As well as employer benefits, home workers also enjoy a number of great perks. One of the major advantages is the huge level of flexibility. Employees often enjoy the flexibility to choose their working hours which makes working from home a great option for parents or people with daytime commitments.

While the advantages of a remote workforce are indisputable, employers do need to take certain precautions when managing external employees. One of the key areas businesses fall short is the upkeep of effective communications. Without a physical office or communal workplace, it is critical for businesses to integrate an intelligent internal communications and collaboration solution that allows every remote employee to stay in the loop.

The contemporary demand for internal communications solutions has seen software such as ShowMyPC quickly emerge as a must have tool for businesses with remote workforces. The unique platform offers clients fully integrated web conferencing, remote support and desktop sharing designed to help workplaces share, cooperate and streamline operations.
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