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View a remote PC from any device: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

ShowMyPC has released a limited beta of its Html viewer, which enables viewing a remote PC from any device. This feature is currently available to paid premium subscribers only.

- Ideal Screen Sharing for Online Presentations and Classrooms, and restrictive firewalls where viewer can simply watch using standard browser.
- Anyone allowed can view the remote PC without the need of any plug in or download, purely browser based.
- Ideal for viewing Powerpoint presentations, meetings and demonstrations online.

Steps to view Remote PC:
1. Start Your Meeting. Make sure the users have received a meeting invite from you (this will contain the link that will enable viewers to join the session).
2. Participating viewers can join the meeting using standard browser with the link provided in the meeting invite.
3. Selecting "Open Html Viewer" will open the meeting in the browser window.

Get more details at: http://showmypc.com/faq/html-viewer-ipad-mobile.html
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