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Top Five Tips To Be More Productive Today

How often do you feel that you have had a productive day? Do you feel guilty for time spent checking your social networking sites? Lack motivation? Or have too many days where your to do list seems to be growing out of control?

We all have those moments when we wish we could be more productive but sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start. If too many distractions are sapping your productivity, try these tips to get your day or week back on track:

1. Set a time limit on meetings: Setting a time limit on meetings where possible means that you and other participants will stay on topic, clear and concise. You can also cut down on travel time and commuting by using a meeting and remote support solution like Show My PC so you can stay in your office and be straight back to work the instant the meeting ends.

2. Identify when you work best: Some people are certain that the morning is the best time of the day while others really hit their stride as night falls. In order to be more productive, you first need to identify when you work best. If you are a morning person, schedule the important tasks for that window when you are most alert and motivated. Likewise, if you work better in the evening, deal with non critical issues earlier in the day such as checking emails.

3. Focus on what matters: To be the best at what you do, you need to spend more time doing what you do best. That means focusing your energy on your key skills and delegating everything else. This focus is what sets the successful apart and is the easiest way to optimize your day. Have someone else run your errands and do the things you don’t need to do personally and see how your productivity soars simply by virtue of the fact you’re focusing on what you actually need to do, free of meaningless distractions.

4. Set interruption times: Your team will have questions to fire at you all day but having a revolving door can mean you spend more time trying to pick up where you left off then actually completing the task. Constant interruptions interrupt thought processes which means it can take a lot longer than it takes to deliver the response to get your grove back. Schedule interruption times so that colleagues can only ask questions at certain times of the day. This means all queries can be dealt with at once rather than throughout the day.

5. Make time for what you love: Whatever your passion in life, whether it’s playing a sport or just watching it, cooking a meal or dining out at a hot new restaurant, make time to do what you love. When you have a lot on you can feel that you must stay at your desk to grind through the list but in reality, you become less productive not more. Taking regular breaks to do the things you enjoy tops up energy levels and gives your brain a rest, making you more productive when you get back to the office.
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