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Premium Meetings and Support

Remote support meets the needs of millions of businesses worldwide since it helps companies achieve their business and financial goals faster and more efficiently. Our remote computer access application can boost productivity and improve profitability by cutting down costs in various arenas of your business. The application is completely secure and reliable.

 As a Premium user you can customize your account in many ways.
 Automatically email this password to yourself.
 Add Logo, change title, get Conference Call Number.
 The remote users getting support will NOT have to give you the 14 digit passwords.
 Default password length is 4 digits.This password length can be configured from 2 digits to 10 digits.

Screen Sharing for Online Presentations, and restrictive firewalls where viewers can simply watch using standard browser.
Anyone allowed can view the broadcast without the need of any plug in or download, purely browser based.
Broadcast your screen to provide Powerpoint presentations, meetings and demonstrations online.
Options and Help

How to conduct a screen sharing session?

For Premium Meetings make sure all the users (Host and Viewers) go to your private website e.g. (mydomain274.showmypc.com)

1. To share your desktop, click on link 'Show My PC' and click Show My PC.

2. Give shorter password (or auto email) to remote viewers.

3. To View Remote PC, launch 'View Remote PC' or 'Full application' and click View Remote PC
4. Enter the shorter password to connect.

See more features.

How to start Free Instant Meeting?

1. To share your desktop instantly, Launch ShowMyPC3606.exe
2. Click on "Show My PC" button to generate password and make your computer accessible remotely.

3. Give the password to remote user. They will choose "View PC" option.

Premium Version: How to Schedule meetings?

1. Launch ShowMyPC and click "Scheduled Meetings" under Options.

To schedule a meeting, enter the desired numeric password and click Invite Users.

To start a scheduled meeting, enter you scheduled numeric password and click "Start Scheduled Meeting".

Premium Version: How to Attend a Scheduled Meeting?

1. Launch PREMIUM Version: Get meeting password from the host. Click View Remote PC and Enter the scheduled password.

Video Conferencing: No Download | Browser Based

  Start a video conference from your account page. Choose a meeting name, eg. Meeting23
  Share your account page and meeting name with your participants.
  Share your screen using computer audio, chat with participants, raise hand to allow smooth meeting flow.
  Moderator has ability to mute, kick out, and grant moderator rights to participants.
  Advanced features: Manage video quality, Share a YouTube Video, Speaker Stats, Password Protection (recommended).
  Video Conferencing is included with all our meeting packages.

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Screen Sharing from a Mac

1. To share your desktop, Click ShowMyMac on the ShowMyPC home page.
2. Wait for the file to download, then run it. Look it up in the Downloads folder. We recommend saving it for future use.
3. Click on "Show My PC" button to generate password and make your computer accessible remotely.
4. Give the password to remote users.
5. It is recommended to use HTML Viewer to connect to this session.

Premium clients may follow the same steps on their private website.
If prompted for Account Name, enter the domain provided by ShowMyPC for your account.
Eg. if your domain is https://mycompany.showmypc.com, enter mycompany as the input.

Screen Sharing from Linux

1. Go to your account page.
2. Click on Show My PC (Launch Java Version).
3. Download and run the jnlp application.

If you prefer to run via command line:
1. Download the latest jar file.
2. Run java -cp smpcapplet3612.jar com.smpc.SmpcApplet ci=accountname
(where accountname is the domain provided for your account)

View from Mac or Linux

1. To View remote desktop from a Mac or Linux, use the HTML Viewer on your home page.
2. Enter the password and click arrow to view remote screen.

View Remote Screen from Mobile Device

Search 'ShowMyPC' in App Store, download the app and launch.

 Premium Meeting
1) On PC or Mac, Remote user will share screen and give you the password to connect.
2) On your device, click 'Paid User' to login once as Premium user.
3) Enter your ShowMyPC subdomain e.g. 'mydomain274'.
4) Go to the Meeting tab and enter password to connect.

 Access Home or Office PC
1) On PC, follow instructions in your signup email, to setup service on your remote PC.
2) On your device, click 'Paid User' to login once as Premium user.
3) Enter your ShowMyPC account subdomain e.g. 'mydomain274'.
4) Go to the Unattended PCs tab to see your list of remote computers.
5) Select the PC you wish to connect to, enter password, click on "View Remote Screen" and connect.

 Free Meeting
1) On PC or Mac, Remote user will share screen and give you the password to connect.
2) On your device, enter password and run to connect.
3) Free version may have limitations with session timings and performance during peak loads.

 Send Invitation to Share Screen
1) All users can send meeting invitations using email contacts from your mobile device.
2) For Premium users, the meeting password will be generated, and invited users will click on the email link to start sharing their screen.
3) You can then navigate to the Meeting tab in your app, and start viewing remote screen right away.

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 The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
 Android 3.0 or iOS 10.0 or later.
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