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Track Lost or Stolen PC

Track Lost or Stolen Computer

If you often travel or drive with your laptop, you want to keep your computer in safe hands. Thousands of users worldwide loose or become victim of stolen laptops. ShowMyPC Access Home or Office PC service now provide a way to track your PCs. This service has a new built in feature, that will help you find where your PC is located.

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Key features the you get with this plan:

 Your can watch, what is happening on your screen.
 You can copy or delete files remotely.
 You can track, the approximate location of your PC.
 We can help you provide exact public IP of your PC.
 We will work with law enforcement, to provide any information we can.

Few important things to keep in mind, this is not a guarantee that your computer will be recovered. ShowMyPC can only support in recovery. If the computer is formatted, before it is connected to the Internet this service will not work. For increasing the chances of recovery we do ask you to create a restricted windows account with no password, which might encourage the user in possession of the computer to go online and help with this process.
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