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Desktop Sharing – A Great Way to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business 
Desktop sharing is a great way to access your PC when you are away from your office desk. The technology allows you to control your desktop from a remote location and stay in touch with your bosses and colleagues if any teamwork activity is to be carried out when you are away on a tour or in another branch.

Remote computer access has dramatically changed the ways of business. It is very convenient now to manage your business regardless of geographical barriers with this wonderful technology. You can communicate with the concerned personnel and customers in real time. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and you are ready to work from any location. It can come handy for situations such as remote support, scheduling online conferences and meetings, and even for troubleshooting PC problems or providing IT support over distances.

ShowMyPC offers very convenient and user friendly solutions to take care of all your conferencing needs. With a couple of clicks, you will be in a meeting and sharing session with your clients/colleagues and have instant access to screen sharing, chat, shared folder, video conference, and whiteboard- all from a common launchpad. See more details...

There are numerous advantages of using desktop sharing for your office or home PC. The biggest advantage is of course the flexibility it brings to your scheduling. You can be present for a crucial meeting at a short notice even if you are hundreds of miles away. Web conferencing can be used by various departments for communication and improved coordination. The technology is also wonderfully effective for sales presentation and product demonstrations. You can use broadcasting and webinars to impress your potential customers and score over others by showcasing this impressive technology.

An important benefit of using desktop sharing is the cost saving it brings to an organization. It is convenient to use, ensures better efficiency, and improves productivity without having to invest huge sums of money. The technology is relatively cost effective and easily affordable. Other distinct advantages of using remote access are simplicity, convenience of use, and security. You can save a huge amount of time and money by using this innovative technology.

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Access and Manage Unlimited Remote PCs with our Private Hosted Plans 
We are very excited to announce the release of a major addition to our Private Hosted Plans (Private3 upwards)! Customers can now have access to another of our flagship services "Access Home or Office PC" at no additional cost when they purchase the Private plan.

This will enable clients to control/manage unlimited PCs (each server can typically support hundreds of hosts) across the organization. This is a great addition to the already feature-rich and efficient Private Hosted offerings that ShowMyPC provides, and makes the package a complete solution for organizations wanting to host their own services and get the advantages of keeping traffic within their network, as well as the ability to scale at their own pace.

To use this feature on the Remote PC, while you are Viewing that PC:
- Click on the drop down box
- Click Show My PC (Reconnect on Reboot)
- A 4 digit password is generated. Save this password, it will be required to connect now and after the reboot

To View a Remote PC:
- Click on View Remote PC (Reconnect on Reboot)
- Select your PC from the list, enter password and connect

This service can be enabled once the plan has been purchased. As always, our technical staff will guide customers through the process of setting up the service, and get you up and running in no time!

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Remote Support Made Easy 
One of the things that web users like about a remote service provider is the ability to customize the user options based on personal or business needs. When you’re comparing ShowMyPC’s remote service packages with other vendors, remember using our service is EASY.

All the first-time user has to do is make a payment through PayPal or credit card and have their account created immediately. This is a portable application with no installation process.

Get INSTANT ACCESS after making a payment! Then use your ShowMyPC interface to begin setting up customizable features (eg. predefined passwords, password length, application title/logo, etc) using your Account Settings page. You can now start meeting with employees and clients in the virtual environment. This is a cost-effective solution.

Here are the simple steps to start using the service for meetings/support:
Go into your account using your custom domain (eg. mycompany.showmypc.com).

1. To share your desktop, click on link 'ShowMyPC to Remote User' and click 'Show My PC Now', and share the password with the attendees.

2. Attendees click on 'View Remote PC', enter the password and get connected.

You are now CONNECTED! Its that simple!

If using the conference call facility, you can either generate and send the call number to the attendees in advance, or they can go into the Web Conference Chat room and get it from there.

There are many more great benefits to explore when you start using ShowMyPC!

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Good News for Android, iPhone, and iPad Users! 
If you are using ShowMyPC for your meetings or accessing your remote PC, you can now enjoy the convenience of working away from your home or business office. With us, you are always connected to your PC because of our system’s compatibility with mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, or Android phone.

Don’t Miss Important Online Meetings!

You can rely on our HTML viewer technology so you don’t miss important online meetings. For example, if you must log on to an online meeting, use your iPad from wherever you are telecommuting. That’s the beauty of virtual communications.

Pull up your mobile device’s standard browser, go to your ShowMyPC domain, and select the “Open HTML Viewer” option. The Html Viewer can be accessed from the Options menu in your meetings home page, or when joining the meeting via the meeting invite link, as well as from your service website.

What you will see is a convenient way to open up the browser and log into your virtual meeting, just like you would at home or at work. Your mobile device’s audio and video features assist in viewing the meeting.

Our convenient HTML viewer also helps online teachers and students stay in touch with events and course postings in the virtual classroom environment without having to be tied to a computer. For example, if your professor wants you to attend her class every week at the same time, use the HTML viewer on your iPhone or Android phone to log into class. This could be very helpful if you are multi-tasking and working in college, don’t have time to stop at home and log on using your laptop or PC, but are really committed to your coursework.

Some people prefer to participate in meetings, take a training course online, and attend other business, education, and social events through their mobile device. Using ShowMyPC’s compatibility with the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones, there are so many ways to stay connected. You just have to try the HTML viewer for yourself!

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Schedule an Online Meeting - It's Easy! 
One of the things that you want to be able to do with the ShowMyPC service is scheduling business and personal meetings, such as video conferences on the web. With our remote server service, there are so many possibilities for making connections with business contacts through virtual meetings, and the best part is, there are just a few easy steps.

For example, you might want to schedule an online chat with one of the employees who telecommutes to your small business. Or, you might want to set up an online meeting with a prospective freelance contractor who can really support your business by taking over some of the workload.

All you need to do is use your PC or mobile device. Go to your ShowMyPC domain and launch the application, then go to Options to schedule your meeting. If you want to use one of your business contacts saved in the Microsoft Outlook address book, you might want to use the “Schedule Meeting (MS Outlook)” option.

Another easy way is to start is at the main screen, where you will select Options->Schedule a Meeting.

Its as simple as that! Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on our easy-to-use features in order to maximize the use of your subscription!

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