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How to change screen size if it looks small?

If the remote user has higher resolution screen or multiple screens, the screen you are viewing could look small or with blank areas. To change that look for an icon on the top left after the Viewer is connected, and change the Scale By: settings on from "Auto" to "100%". See the icon and the window in the image below.

How to share Primary display or screen only.

ShowMyPC Meeting and Remote support has a feature that lets you directly share you primary display or any single application.
This is ideal for presentations only. Do not use this option for Support session as any Windows UAC prompt will disconnect you.
Click on the drop down > Share an Application > Share Primary Display

More options to handle additional monitors.

For dual monitor, you have 2 options, either your viewers can Scale the Viewer to 100% as described below.
Or you may download a 3rd party tool like http://www.murgee.com, unrelated to ShowMyPC.com and turn on or off your monitors with ease.
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