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ShowMyPC is reporting as Virus (false positive)

On rare occasions some Anti Virus software may detect a false positive due to the nature of the program. You may have to add it to your exclusion list and report it to anti virus vendor as false positive.

Here is our latest report against all the Anti Virus Software Companies.

Adding ShowMyPC to the ignore list of Anti Virus Software

Below are instructions to add ShowMyPC to the exception list of some Anti Virus software.
If your Anti Virus software is not listed here, you can go their website and search how to do the same, or Contact Us for help.


If Trend Micro is detecting your ShowMyPC Service software as an suspicious activity, then you may add ShowMyPC into the ignore list.
Add this folder in Ignore folder list.
C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService
C:\Program Files (x86)\ShowMyPCService (for Windows 7 64 bit machine)

Trend Micro Setup Ignore List
After setting up ignore list the first time you connect it may still prompt you to ignore, make sure you are near the PC and able to press the ignore option if prompted to do so.


How to add a file to ignore list ESET?

Please let us know which version of Anti Virus software are you running, and make sure it is most recent and updated.
These are false positives, you can help by reporting these to the respective Software Vendors. We also try to work directly with those vendors to resolve this.

Norton Internet Security 2010

You can add files and or folders to the Scan Exclusions list in Norton Internet Security 2010. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Open Norton Internet Security and select the "Settings" link next to "Computer".

2. Scroll down the list and locate the "Exclusions" category. Select the "Configure" link next to "Scan Exclusions".

3. Click on the "Add" button and then navigate to the file that you do not want scanned and then select the "OK" button. For service add "C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService"

4. Select the "Apply" and then "OK" button at the bottom of that window when you have finished adding the files you want excluded.

Norton 360

1. Open Norton 360 and then click on the "Settings" link at the top of the window.

2. Select "Virus & Spyware Protection" and then select the "File Exclusions" tab.

3. In the first box click on the "New" button and then click on the icon next to the box. Navigate to the executable file for the software you wish to exclude and then click "OK."

Repeat the above steps for the second box "Auto-Protect" scanning.

When you are finished click the "Back" button and then the "Close" button.

If by chance the file was placed into Quarantine, select the "Quarantine" tab, select the file that was quarantined and choose "Restore."

Avira Anti Virus

Most of our executable are custom built.
Initially your program may get marked as false positive with Avira.

Download your program and then you may submit the program for analysis to Avira.
Make sure you let them know in the form that is it false positive. As shown below.

In the mean while.
Page 14 and 15 describe a process to set exception.
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