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Setup and Guide

Ticket System Configuration

Once your ticket account is created, login as admin to configure the system. Please use the username and password provided in the welcome email.

Email Setup

By default, the system will use donotreply@showmypc.com for all outgoing emails.

To change "From" email address for outgoing emails:
  Login as admin into your ticket account.
  Emails -> Add New Email
  Settings -> Notifications -> Outgoing Emails

To fetch emails into ticket system using IMAP/POP:
  Add new email (see steps above).
  Configure "Fetch Email to Ticket" section and Save

Help Topics

In addition to emails, clients/users can also use an online form to create tickets. Help topics help map online inquiries to a department and assigns priority without the need for the user to select a department or/and ticket priority. This gives you the ability to route inquiries without exposing internal departments.


Departments are used to categorize incoming tickets and also as access mask for staff members. For example, you can restrict staff's tickets access based on departments.

Staff Members

Ticket System allows you to add unlimited number of representatives to the system. Each staff member is assigned to a group and a department which determines the level of permission. Every staff account can be of type 'Admin' or 'Staff'.


  The system defaults are at optimum settings. We recommend using the pre-configured settings for most items.
  Notifications -> Configure "Autoresponders" and "Alerts & Notices" as needed.

Email Templates

Ticket System comes with a pre-configured default template.
  Ticket System relies on predefined templates when sending out auto responses, notices and alerts.
  Templates can be assigned at Department level.
  You can add a new template by copying from the default template, and then editing the fields.
  To edit templates for notifications, go to Emails > Templates > Click to edit the required template.
  Each template has a set of variable placeholders that can be substituted.
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