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View Remote PC From Any Device
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View Remote PC From Any Device

Ideal Screen Sharing for Online Presentations and Classrooms, and restrictive firewalls where viewer can simply watch using standard browser.
Anyone allowed can view the remote PC without the need of any plug in or download, purely browser based (Firefox, Chrome, IE10 and above).
Ideal for viewing Powerpoint presentations, meetings and demonstrations online.

The Html Viewer can be accessed from the Viewer button in your meetings home page, or when joining the meeting via the meeting invite link.

On your iPad/iPhone, the Html Viewer can be accessed directly from the View Remote PC option.

We recommend changing your screen resolution to 1280 X 720 for optimum viewer experience on mobile devices.
You can View and Control the remote PC if the host has given you permissions.

We offer native application for Android and iOS devices.

This feature is only available to subscribers.

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