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Improve ShowMyPC session speed?

The speed depends on multiple factors, Operating System specifications, system resources and network connection on all computers. Traffic beyond your service provider can affect your speed too.

To improve speed and increase responsiveness try the following:
Change and test different encoding, see next section below.
For Meetings and Remote Support Enable P2P Connection.
Reduce the resolution to, e.g. 1024x768 or 800x600.
Remove or disable any desktop or wallpaper with picture or graphics, if possible change it to a solid color while connected.
Reduce bandwidth usage, by closing any streaming Audio, Video or real time chat programs.
Close all the programs that are not required to conserve resources.

Improve Windows XP performance: Start > Right Click on 'My Computer' > Advanced > Under Performance > Settings > 'Adjust for best performance' (Click Ok on all open dialogs)
Improve Windows Vista/7 performance: Start > Right Click on 'Computer' > Advanced system settings > Under Performance > Settings > 'Adjust for best performance' (Click Ok on all open dialogs)
You may test your ISPs speed by visiting this website.

Change encoding to improve speed.

On many user Viewer networks and PCs Hextile encoding can help improve and performance.
After you are connected to Remote PC.
Click on the Viewer Icon > Use encoding: Hextile > Click OK.

How to improve ShowMyPC speed with Home or Office PC service?

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