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Shared Folder

Shared Folder provides you with an easy way to share files between multiple users or computers.

This is in addition to the regular file transfer feature within the application.

  New!! Files can be drag and dropped into the folder on your web browser.
  You can transfer files between a Windows, Mac and Linux computer using this browser based shared folder system.
  To share files, open your Shared Folder, enter a unique name on any computer, do the same on another computer.
  Refresh to see any newly uploaded files by any user during a meeting.

  This is a temporary folder. For your security, all files are removed after 5 days.
  File Upload limit 100 MB. Storage limits may change in future.

Shared Folder for Premium accounts

Shared Folder can be opened directly from the application

Shared Folder can be accessed from the Options menu on your home page

Shared Folder for Service accounts

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