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ShowMyPC P2P Connection

ShowMyPC now supports a new way of connecting to your clients, a direct P2P connection.
The viewer will try to make a direct connection between the Host and the Viewer and only if that option is not available on some networks,
you will be connecting via one of our servers.
P2P creates a secure tunnel between you and your clients, resulting in a faster connection.
This option may slow down on some long distance connections. If you feel that this setting makes connections slower, you can disable it.

How do I know that my Viewer is via P2P Connection?

After you have connected using your Viewer on your ShowMyPC Viewer window, click on the Options > Settings.
The settings pane will open and indicate if your network permitted a direct P2P connection.

How do I disable or change P2P with some clients?

If some of your clients do not connect well with P2P, you may temporarily disable it for those specific connections.
Go to Options > Settings > Enable P2P (uncheck to disable)

Note: Not all network types may be supported. A direct outgoing UDP (port 443) connection is required on both Host's and Viewer's network.
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