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P2P with ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC P2P Connection

ShowMyPC now supports a new way of connecting to your clients, a direct P2P connection.
The viewer will try to make a direct connection between the Host and the Viewer and only if that option is not available on some networks,
you will be connecting via one of our servers.
P2P creates a secure tunnel between you and your clients, resulting in a faster connection.
This option may slow down on some long distance connections. If you feel that this setting makes connections slower, you can disable it.

How do I know that my Viewer is via P2P Connection?

After you have connected using your Viewer on your ShowMyPC Viewer window, click on the Options > Settings.
The settings pane will open and indicate if your network permitted a direct P2P connection.

How do I disable or change P2P with some clients?

If some of your clients do not connect well with P2P, you may temporarily disable it for those specific connections.
Go to Options > Settings > Enable P2P (uncheck to disable)

How to manage P2P Connections for my account?

Login to your Account Settings and Select 'Enable P2P'

You will have to download the application again from your website, to see the change. Meeting and Remote Support Plans

Note: Not all network types may be supported. A direct outgoing UDP (port 443) connection is required on both Host's and Viewer's network.
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