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Remote Printing with ShowMyPC

Method 1: Remote Printing/Sound for Home or Office Service (All others see Method 2)

This technique will only work on Professional or above Windows versions, supporting Windows RDP. All others see Method 2 below.

When you use Remote Desktop from a Windows XP-based client computer, many of the client's resources, such as files and printers, are available in the Remote Desktop connection. You can route printing jobs from the remote Windows XP-based desktop to a printer that is attached to your local computer. When you log the client onto the remote computer, the local printer is detected and the appropriate printer driver is installed on the remote computer.

1) Launch the Viewer, select your PC.
2) Select "RDP" checkbox, next to the "View PC" button.
3) Click on "View PC" and connect.

If your local printer (not networked) does not show up in the remote desktop session, please follow the step below the image.

First Disconnect the Windows Remote Desktop Window, leave the ShowMyPC program running.
To make a local printer available in a Remote Desktop session:

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
Click Options in the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box.
Click the Local Resources tab.
Click Printers in the Local Devices box. (Make sure it is Checked)
Click Connect.

After you establish the remote connection and log on to the remote computer, the local printer that is connected to the client becomes the default printer for any programs that are running on the remote desktop. If the client has more than one printer attached to it, the default printer for the computer becomes the default printer on the remote desktop; however, all local printers are available.

Method 2: Remote printing with any ShowMyPC version

You can print a document from any program on the remote PC to a 'print file'

1) Click print in your program > In the Print dialog box, select Microsoft XPS Document Writer (If you do not see the printer, follow one time setup below).

2) Print the document or file. When prompted, enter a file name and save the .xps file.

3) To print to your local printer transfer that ".xps" file using ShowMyPC transfer to your local Viewer PC, and then right click on that file on your local PC and click print (Print to any local Printer now)

Notes: The XPS Document Writer allows you to create .xps files using any program that you run on Windows. XPS documents look the same in print as they do on the screen. They are portable, like any other file that you can email or transfer using a CD, DVD, universal serial bus (USB) drive, or network connection. They are also easy to share because you can view them on any computer where an XPS viewer is installed, even if the computer does not have the same programs that you used to create the original documents.

One time Setup of Remote Printing on Windows XP and Vista

Most Windows 7 installations have this software already installed.

1) Select the right program Download and install this program.
XP and Vista
XP and Vista 64 bit

2) Select the right program Download and install this program.
Vista 32 bit 1.9 MB
Vista 64 bit 2.8 MB
XP and Server 2003 32 bit 7.5 MB
XP and Server 2003 64 bit 9.7 MB
After you have installed both the programs you should be able to Remote print as described above.
We do not bundle all the software to keep the package small size.

Print via PDF

Print to PDF can be used to print any document across different OS.

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