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Setup and Guide

Post Setup Steps

Once Ticket System has been installed you need to further configure it via admin panel before it is fully usable. Only staff with admin's privileges can access the admin panel. Please use the username and password created during the install process.

Email Setup

Setting up your system to accept emails varies from system to system and your personal preference. Ticket System allows you to route unlimited number of emails as incoming tickets. For detailed instruction please see Email templates below.

Help Topics

In addition to emails, clients/users can also use an online form to create tickets. Help topics help maps online inquiries to a department and assigns priority without the need for the user to select a department or/and ticket priority. This gives you ability to route inquiries without exposing internal departments.


Departments are used to categorize incoming tickets and also as access mask for staff members. For example you can restrict staff's tickets access based on departments. To manage departments go to Departments tab in admin panel.

Staff Members

Ticket System allows you to add unlimited number of representatives to the system. Each staff member is assigned to a group and a department which determines the level of permission. Every staff account can be of type 'Admin' or 'Staff'.

System Preferences

Do not change anything unless you really need to change.
To disable or change system settings go to Settings Tab in admin panel.

Email Templates

To edit templates for notifications.
Login > Admin Panel(Top Left) > Emails > Templates > Click to edit "Default Template"

To Enable Notifications.
Login > Admin Panel(Top Left) > Settings > Alerts & Notices

Ticket System relies on predefined templates when sending out auto responses, notices and alerts. Each template has a set of variable placeholder as shown below.
Base Variables and Other Variables
%id Ticket ID (internal ID)
%ticket Ticket number (external ID)
%email Email address
%name Full name
%subject Subject
%topic Help topic (web only)
%phone Phone number + ext
%status Status
%priority Priority
%dept Department
%assigned_staff Assigned staff (if any)
%createdate Date created
%duedate Due date
%closedate Date closed

%message Message (incoming)
%response Response (outgoing)
%note Internal note
%staff Staff's name (alert/notices)
%assignee Assigned staff
%assigner Staff assigning the ticket
%url Ticket System's base url (FQDN)
Please note that only known (supported) variables are substituted. Non-base variables depends on the context of template type to which they are used.

General Hints

* New Ticket Auto Response: Autoresponse sent to user/client on new ticket if enabled. Meant to give the user the ticket ID which can be used to check the status of the ticket.
* New Message Auto Response: Confirmation sent to user when a new message is appended to an existing ticket. This can be emailed or web-based replies.
* Over Limit Notice: Ticket denied notice. This is a one time notice sent when the user has reached the max allowed open tickets defined in preference section. Reasonable limit helps control spam and possible email flood loops.
* Ticket Response/Reply: Message template used when responding to a ticket or simply alerting the user about a response/answer availability.
* New Ticket Alert: Alert sent to staff on new ticket.
* New Message Alert: Alert sent to staff when user replies to an existing ticket.
* New Internal Note Alert: Alert sent to selected staff ( if enabled) when an internal note is appended to a ticket.
* Assigned Ticket Alert: Alert sent to staff on ticket assignment.
* Overdue/Stale Alert: Alert sent to staff on stale or overdue ticket.

Enable Ticket Notifications

To enable notifications
1) Login into your ticket system in admin area.
2) On the top right menu go to Admin Panel (Logged in as admin).
3) Go to settings and look for "System Admin Email Address" change that to an email where you want to get notifications.
4) Look for 'Autoresponders (Global Setting)' and enable the settings.

Ticket time not shown correctly for Ticket Agents

Due to the setup of the server and its timezone, the display time may not match the value you select. You may have to select a different timezone than yours, in order to get the correct display value for your agents. Please set your Time zone under My Preferences.

Ticket time not shown correctly for Clients

Due to the setup of the server and its timezone, the display time may not match the value you select. You may have to select a different timezone than yours, in order to get the correct display value for your clients.

Your clients can be in different parts of the world, however when a clients checks the status of the ticket, they will see the ticket open time based on a server time.
If most of your clients are in a single timezone, select the Global Time Zone value that matches your time. Remember the value may show a different name, so you may have to select a different timezone than in the drop down.
For Global Settings go to Admin Panel > Settings > Date & Time

An easy way to test is to open a ticket, as a client and then check back the status of ticket to see what time your users are seeing. Adjust Global Time settings if required.

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