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Manage or Uninstall VNC

Uninstalling ShowMyPC Free, Premium Meeting and Remote Support

 ShowMyPC software do not require any uninstallation.
 All the executables temporarily use a folder and windows will automatically remove any temporary files in it.
 To remove ShowMyPC from your system, simply delete the only executable program you started.

 No user can access your PC using ShowMyPC after the program has been closed.
 If you are still not sure, you can always restart your PC and all programs will be terminated.
 Free version uses VNC in C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService and installs it during regular screen sharing, but terminates when you stop or quit.

 Unused files are kept in C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService and C:\Users\someuser\AppData\Local\Temp\ShowMyPC\, you may delete them if you prefer to not keep them or do not plan to use ShowMyPC in future.
 No connection is kept active after you have terminated ShowMyPC.

Uninstalling ShowMyPC Access Home or Office Service

 To remove ShowMyPC Access Home or Office Service from your system, launch your software from your account page.
 Click on "Remove Service". This will uninstall the ShowMyPC service from your computer.

Remotely Uninstalling ShowMyPC Access Home or Office Service

 You can remove service from PC service management link. Requested link will be sent to the email used for that PC.
 See Screen shot below for getting link in email.
 When removing service remotely, it may take upto 10 mins for PC to go off your list.

Uninstalling ShowMyPC Access Home or Office Service Manually

 On certain PC in rare cases due to conflicting programs you may have to remove ShowMyPC service manually.
 Step 1) Login as Administrator of the PC.
 Step 2) Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. (It may differ on your version).
 Step 3) Locate SMPCHelper, tvnserver and uvnc_service (if exists) and stop them. (Right mouse click and Stop)
 Step 4) Restart your PC, next time any services will not start.
 Step 5) After restart, remove the folder c:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService and its contents.

If your forgot the Administrator interface Password for VNC

If case if you forgot the VNC Control Interface password, here are the steps you can take to remove it.

 Open a command Prompt with Administrator rights.
cd C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService
or cd C:\Program Files (x86)\ShowMyPCService (On 64Bit Machines)

 To Open the offline version of VNC Interface, now you may reset Administrator interface Password.
C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService>tvnserver -configservice

 To Stop VNC Server
C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService>net stop tvnserver

 To Start VNCServer
C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService>net start tvnserver

 To Open VNC Control Interface Icon
C:\Program Files\ShowMyPCService>tvnserver -controlservice
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