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Screen Sharing

Modern entrepreneurs and businesses face tough challenges in today's market, so it is no wonder many SMEs now run from home rather than splashing out on office space. Even some large scale companies are downsizing, and letting a number of employees divide their time between working from home and at the office, to cut costs. While this has its economic benefits and for some, is their only choice, having employees or clients in separate locations can have its disadvantages.

While we have an abundance of communications at our fingertips, some meetings need a presentation approach, which seems impossible unless the group of individuals are at the same geographic location, in the same room. However, with the help of screen and desktop sharing technology such as those offered by ShowMyPC, real time online communication has never been easier.

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Screen sharing is a beneficial tool in many business situations

Here are just a few examples of benefits of screen sharing:

 Collaboration: In team based circumstances, a confidential online meeting or web conference can take place with members across the globe easily via screen sharing. Show colleagues exactly what you have prepared, communicating ideas instantly. It is cost effective and a great time saving tool, for global businesses who want to cut travel to meetings or SMB's who don't have an office and can't afford a conference room. It can also be used when required to access your home PC from the office, or vice versa.

 Client Communication: Screen sharing technology is also effective in presenting sales pitches to clients or similar B2B situations. It is an ideal way to present your ideas, products and services, without you or the prospective client leaving your desk, whether it's at home or the office. Again, this cuts down on travel expenses and room bookings, and in addition can open a whole new window of opportunities for national and global business expansion.

 Technical Support: A desktop sharing tool can aid in the IT support area. Having to contact a technical support service and explain the problem can be time consuming and often ineffective, leading to expensive callouts and loss of productivity in the meantime. By sharing your screen with technicians, they can identify the problem right away and explain how to fix it yourself.


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