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Screen Size and Resolution
Zoom, Scale and Color

How to change screen size if it looks small?

If the remote user has higher resolution screen, the screen you are viewing could look small. To change that, look for icons as show below in the Viewer you are using.

Zoom controls in Windows Viewer

A number of controls are provided in the latest version on Windows to Zoom and Fit the remote Viewer.

Zoom controls using Web Browser

If you are using HTMLViewer, click on the Zoom icon in the top menu to get options to zoom.
Free version has zoom controls in the drop down.

How to handle dual monitors?

For dual monitor, you have 2 options, either your users can Scale the Viewer to 100% as described above or you may download a 3rd party tool like http://www.murgee.com, unrelated to ShowMyPC.com and turn on of off you dual monitor with ease.

How to change Viewer quality and colors?

By default ShowMyPC application uses the fastest performance settings.
To adjust the colors or quality connect to the meeting with Viewer
and click on the on the Viewer toolbar shown below.

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