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The global digital education market is forecasted to reach USD 54.95 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 26.1% from 2022 to 2028. The increasing demand for personalized learning, the growing adoption of online learning, and the rising penetration of broadband internet, smartphones, and other mobile devices are key factors driving the market's growth. By end-user, the market is segmented into academic institutions & individuals, and enterprises. Educational institutions & individuals are the market's largest segment. They are expected to grow significantly during the forecast period due to the increasing adoption of digital tools for education by educational institutions and individuals.

ShowMyPC's remote access and support software enables educational institutions to improve collaboration, support students and teachers, and deliver online presentations and courses.

How does ShowMyPC work for Education?

1) Collaboration

ShowMyPC can be used to share screens between students and teachers, allowing them to work together on projects and assignments- making it an indispensable tool for students working on group projects or needing help with a particular concept. Students can collaborate on projects with other students in the class. Students can work on projects or assignments from home, which is especially helpful for students who have after-school commitments or live far from school.

2)Presentations and Online Lessons

ShowMyPC can deliver presentations and online courses to students. Students can access the shared content on the web using any device without downloading anything, making this a seamless experience. Teachers can support students struggling with a concept by remotely accessing the student's computers and walking them through the problem.

3)File Sharing

ShowMyPC's shared folder makes sharing files a breeze, enabling easy collaboration. Files can be dragged and dropped in your web browser, and the shared folder can be accessed by multiple users or computers.

4)Web-Based Recording

The intuitive recording features enable recording the screen, camera, or microphone, making it easy for students and teachers to record presentations, lectures, and assignments.

5)Remote Access

Remote access services allow teachers and students to access lab computers or other shared resources from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote access enables students access to resources that may not be available in their own schools.

6)Remote Support

IT staff can use ShowMyPC to remotely access the computers of teachers and students with technical problems by remotely accessing the student or teacher's computer and troubleshooting the issue. ShowMyPC allows IT staff to troubleshoot problems and provide support without physically going to the teacher or student's location.

ShowMyPC is a powerful tool for educational institutions that can empower students by offering them much-needed collaboration resources to succeed.

Benefits of using ShowMyPC for Education

Improved Student Engagement

Student engagement gets a boost by giving them more flexibility and access to resources. Students with more flexibility in learning are more likely to be engaged in their studies because they can choose the learning methods that work best for them and learn at their own pace. Additionally, students with access to various resources are more likely to find the information and support they need to succeed. This can include access to online resources, such as textbooks, articles, and videos, and access to teachers and other students.

Better Learning Outcomes

Access to personalized instruction and student support improves learning outcomes and eliminates inequalities due to student-specific scenarios, leading to a more equitable education system where all students have the opportunity to succeed.


It only takes seconds to start a collaboration session, leading to higher efficiency and time-saving. When students can easily collaborate, they can quickly get help from each other when they are stuck on a problem, saving time and frustration.

Cost Reduction

The ability to quickly resolve an issue by collaborating online using ShowMyPC reduces costs for educational institutions by eliminating the need to arrange on-site sessions requiring a much higher overhead. Additionally, remote access enables quick resolution of technical issues with students' or teachers' devices without anyone needing to leave their workplace.

Improved decision-making

When team members can easily share ideas and feedback, they can make better decisions leading to a more polished final product.

Overall, ShowMyPC's collaboration software is a valuable tool for educational institutions. It can help to improve collaboration, support students and teachers, and deliver online presentations and courses. Contact Us to learn more about our customizable plans and branding options.

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