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ShowMyPC Featured In Leading Tech Magazine 
ShowMyPC made international news last year when it was featured in leading Indian technology magazine, Silicon India. Established in 1997, the publication has quickly emerged as India’s largest community of professionals and covers a range of different sectors including technology, business, entrepreneur news, digital trends, career opportunities and more.

Based in California, ShowMyPC won the attention of Silicon India due to its rapid transformation from an innovative screen sharing solution to a comprehensive product with multiple integration options. Thanks to seamless engineering, ShowMyPC can be flawlessly integrated into any software, hardware or website.

As contemporary business becomes increasingly reliant on technology, Silicon India has acclaimed ShowMyPC for its provision of a cutting edge corporate communications solution that meets the needs of the current market. With an increasing number of employees adopting dynamic work schedules it can be difficult to upkeep effective and efficient communications at all times. For international companies with employees residing on all corners of the globe, maintaining communication can also be a challenge. The software is also an invaluable tool for companies that need to provide help and support to remote computers.

ShowMyPC offers a definitive solution to these widely encountered issues, providing its clients with screen sharing, remote support and meeting services at their fingertips. Whether used on a PC or a smart device, the software can be used from anywhere, at any time. This is an essential part of keeping global businesses running smoothly and ensuring that all employees and customers enjoy state-of-the-art support.

All that’s required is an internet connection which makes using ShowMyPC software incredibly easy. In today’s hectic world of business, time is of the essence and Silicon India maintains that the ultra-intuitive user experience is one of ShowMyPC’s best features.

The company was also praised for its dual service models that offer clients the complete flexibility to choose their preferred level of service. The free model offers clients basic support while signing up for a paid subscription gives members access to advanced features including meeting sessions, online demonstrations and remote support. Backing up the basic communications tools and services are additional features designed to foster collaboration.

Winning ShowMyPC even more praise from Silicon India is its underlying commitment to customer support. From helpdesk monitoring to invoicing, ShowMyPC is on hand to help clients manage their day-to-day business operations with ease.

Finally, the publication commended the company for its universal relevance to a range of different industries. From healthcare, medicine and education to finance, telecommunications and IT, ShowMyPC lends itself to an array of different applications.

Want to know more about how ShowMyPC has fortified its status as a global leader in collaboration based business tools and services? Check out the full Silicon India write up here.

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New Mac App released 
We have enhanced the Mac application, so the entire package can now be downloaded without the need to install or configure Java. Due to various security constraints running Java in the Mac ecosystem, all our users were not getting an optimal experience while using ShowMyPC on Mac.

Our new Mac application and download process makes the entire experience seamless.

The package is slightly bigger than before (~25MB), so the recommendation is to save it for future use, instead of downloading it each time.

Here are some more details: http://www1.showmypc.com/remote-support ... fragment-7

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The Growth of Home Workers 
According to the latest global statistics, the number of home workers has continued to surge over the past few years. The US is on the work from home bandwagon, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that in 2013, 24% of employees worked from home for at least a few hours each week. In the UK alone, the Office for National Statistics confirmed that between January-March 2014 there were a huge 4.2 million home workers. While many of these workers are self-employed, others are simply company employees who are given the flexibility of working remotely from home. This is a trend that has swept the globe and is now adopted by businesses operating in all market sectors.

So what are the benefits of home workers?

Cuts overhead costs
When employing a remote worker businesses enjoy an array of financial savings. From freed up desk space and reduced utilities costs to an eased burden on the office tea and coffee station, remote workers have the potential to slash overheads.

Fosters employee diversity
When adopting a remote hiring policy, workplaces significantly enhance the scope of their employee pool. It opens up positions to skilled workers that may be interested in applying for positions yet can’t commit to a physical presence. It also gives businesses the option of retaining star employees even if they decide to move city or country.

Gives employees greater flexibility
As well as employer benefits, home workers also enjoy a number of great perks. One of the major advantages is the huge level of flexibility. Employees often enjoy the flexibility to choose their working hours which makes working from home a great option for parents or people with daytime commitments.

While the advantages of a remote workforce are indisputable, employers do need to take certain precautions when managing external employees. One of the key areas businesses fall short is the upkeep of effective communications. Without a physical office or communal workplace, it is critical for businesses to integrate an intelligent internal communications and collaboration solution that allows every remote employee to stay in the loop.

The contemporary demand for internal communications solutions has seen software such as ShowMyPC quickly emerge as a must have tool for businesses with remote workforces. The unique platform offers clients fully integrated web conferencing, remote support and desktop sharing designed to help workplaces share, cooperate and streamline operations.

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7 Steps To Entrepreneurial Success in 2015 
In 2015 entrepreneurs across the globe will be brainstorming ways to make this year their best yet. To help you supercharge your business strategy, we’ve put together a collection of insider steps that are guaranteed to foster entrepreneurial success. Here’s how!

Boost internal collaboration
If you manage a team of employees its critical to encourage collaboration at all times. At the end of the day this is what will keep your business running smoothly. Collaboration based business tools and services providers such as ShowMyPC are incredibly useful resources that will ensure every employee is kept in the loop.

Set goals
Setting goals is something that every entrepreneur should do. Just remember to start off small and gradually introduce more ambitious, long-term goals as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Get organised
Regardless of the sector, organisation is the key to success. Try to integrate organisation into every aspect of your daily operations and encourage all employees to do the same.

Upkeep effective communications
Whether it’s communicating with employees or providing state-of-the-art support to your customers, an efficient communications solution is an absolute must for any business. Enlisting the help of a specialist remote support, desktop sharing and web conferencing provider is a great place to start.

Reassess budgets
Make 2015 the year that you boost your bottom line by taking a long hard look at your existing budgets and asking yourself if any changes need to be made. If you channel any cash into advertising, assess the ROI of each medium and determine whether or not you should increase or decrease the budget accordingly. Are you forking out for too many employee wages? Would it be in your best interests to take another team member on-board? What about areas you could cut down your overheads? These are all budget related questions that need to be asked!

Conduct market research
Whether you’re kick-starting a new business or refining an existing one, it always pays to know your market. There are some great free survey tools out there that you can use to gain invaluable insight into the mind-sets of your target audience. If you want a more complex analysis, you can enlist the help of a professional market research firm.

Be empathetic
According to experts the ability to see a situation from another person’s point of view is critical to business survival. Empathy will help you understand your customers, create a positive workplace and ultimately grow your business.

Armed with these insider tips, you should have the power to fast-track your business to success in 2015!

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Sleek and Faster Android App 
Our Android app has received a makeover for the New Year!

We have enhanced various features in the app to make it super usable
- Updated user interface with easy to use elements

- Remote PC Access user interface has been enhanced to work seamlessly on mobile devices
- The Remote PC Access feature now allows saving password and reuse of existing connections to make reconnecting a breeze
- The remote PC viewer has a new sticky menu to achieve all your tasks effortlessly, including better key handling and a smoother navigation

Try it out! Get the app from Google Play:

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