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ShowMyPC Uptime Monitoring | New service added for Premium customers 
This is a new addition to our suite of IT support products to enable our users to run their business effectively and efficiently. In the new digital and connected world, it is of great importance to ensure that your websites and servers are up and running 24/7. Our monitoring service makes it easy for you to be always in the know if there are any issues with your websites/servers.

Why Use Monitoring?
- Hosted monitoring enables instant setup and no costly software to install or maintain.
- Instant alerts to get notified immediately if your site is down.
- 24/7 access to Uptime History.
- Monitoring Frequency Starting at 1 min.
- Monitor http, https, ssh, ping requests.
- Access one week of history on the monitors.
- Analyze your site uptime, and improve as you have a window into the past performance of your website.

How do I add Monitors?
Currently, this feature is available only to subscribers of our Online Meetings and Remote Support product.
You can access the Monitor features from your account dashboard.

How can I get an overview of my Monitors?
You can visit the Monitor dashboard to get an overview of your monitors, and to see the status of your current monitors in a graphical format.
You can visit the Uptime Report section of the Monitor functionality to see history of your monitors.

How do I know when there is a problem with my website?
You will receive instant email notifications about any issues with your website based on your monitor alert rules configuration.

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