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Quick and Easy Switching of Meeting Presenters 
We have released a new version of our premium meeting software(3160) that enables quick and easy switching of presenters during a meeting. This has been a much requested feature from our remote support and desktop sharing software customers. We have gone a step ahead and allow viewing of multiple presenters during a session. This can come in great use when collaboration requires comparison of multiple user's screens.

Switching screens is as easy as 1-2:
1) While a session is in progress, any user can become a presenter. "Switch Presenter" > "Make Me Presenter"

2) Meeting attendees click "Switch Presenter" > "View New Presenter". This will keep any existing presenter's screen being viewed open, enabling mulitple screen views.

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ShowMyPC has has been recognized by WebHostingSearch.com 
Show My PC is very happy to announce that we are featured as one of the best remote support and desktop sharing software on WebHostingSearch.com for 2012.
WebHostingSearch.com is maintained by professional webmasters who compare the latest software services and tools, and provide a listing of the most useful tools for businesses and individuals. ShowMyPC has been awarded and listed as one of the best remote desktop software.

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Remote PC Access- A Great Boon for Small Businesses 
Remote access is a great time saver. Instead of asking your office to e-mail you an urgent file or documents you need for that crucial meeting, you can access it instantly with a few clicks from your location.

Small businesses can benefit from remote access by running programs from a remote computer and can cut down costs of PC maintenance and repairs by using remote access and support. A maintenance team can fix computer problems across various locations from a main office or wherever they are located.

Remote access is a boon to small businesses because it allows them to react to developing business situations and respond to them promptly, accurately, and in a cost-effective way. The application provides 24/7 access and keeps them ready to face any technical or administrative glitches. With ShowMyPC's Access Home or Office Service, businesses can achieve immense flexibility and control over their day to day operations. The service provides a host of rich features including:

- Access a computer from anywhere
- Reboot a remote PC
- Access and Manage multiple unattended PCs
- Track Lost or Stolen PCs

More details here...

Constant access to information is the need of modern-day businesses, and remote access is tailor-made for such situations. It increases the ability to react quickly and make prompt and accurate decisions with little room for speculative choices. Businesses need not worry about having to carry loads of files, papers, and documents to meetings and conferences. With remote control, they have everything they need at the tips of their fingers.

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How Remote PC Access Service Can Help Your Mobile Workforce 
Have you ever been caught up in a situation where you wanted to access some data from your home or office PC but could not because you were in a remote location? Well, now you can actually do it. You can now access your home or office PC regardless of your physical location using the latest technology.

ShowMyPC offers a remote PC access application that melts geographical barriers and lets you access your home or office PC. You can now access your remote PC any time, and receive support from remote locations quickly and conveniently. The idea has truly revolutionized the way businesses spread over diverse locations operate.

The freedom to get away yet be able to access data whenever you need it can be a truly liberating experience. The downloading and installation process is quick and easy. You can work on and reboot a remote PC. The application can even be used when you want to manage a number of PCs or deliver client support to unattended PCs. The ShowMyPC application works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. See details here..

The application can be of immense use to your mobile workforce. It can help increase productivity by allowing employees to work from their locations remotely. It induces a huge degree of flexibility and can potentially improve the morale of your workforce. ShowMyPC offers businesses numerous advantages such as complete data control, security, and the ability to customize the software to meet your specific business requirements. The application is very simple to use and in just a couple of steps, you will be viewing your remote PC.

Once you have received your account information, Download, Run, and Install Service.

Enter the information for accessing this PC remotely.

Go to another PC, Download, Run and click "View Remote PC" to select the PC you want to connect to and click "Connect to PC".

Employees can access office computers for information any time. The application does not require IT assistance. Companies can thus enjoy the advantages and benefits of remote support and access without incurring high costs of around-the-clock support. The mobile workforce need not spend time and money traveling long distances for information or support.

Market research and analysis predicts that the number of mobile and remote users will continue to increase exponentially due to much faster and efficient broadband and wireless infrastructure as well as rapidly evolving mobile devices, which enable users to access their remote machines from anywhere. Use ShowMyPC's simple and user friendly services to keep your employees connected.

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Desktop Sharing – A Great Way to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business 
Desktop sharing is a great way to access your PC when you are away from your office desk. The technology allows you to control your desktop from a remote location and stay in touch with your bosses and colleagues if any teamwork activity is to be carried out when you are away on a tour or in another branch.

Remote computer access has dramatically changed the ways of business. It is very convenient now to manage your business regardless of geographical barriers with this wonderful technology. You can communicate with the concerned personnel and customers in real time. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and you are ready to work from any location. It can come handy for situations such as remote support, scheduling online conferences and meetings, and even for troubleshooting PC problems or providing IT support over distances.

ShowMyPC offers very convenient and user friendly solutions to take care of all your conferencing needs. With a couple of clicks, you will be in a meeting and sharing session with your clients/colleagues and have instant access to screen sharing, chat, shared folder, video conference, and whiteboard- all from a common launchpad. See more details...

There are numerous advantages of using desktop sharing for your office or home PC. The biggest advantage is of course the flexibility it brings to your scheduling. You can be present for a crucial meeting at a short notice even if you are hundreds of miles away. Web conferencing can be used by various departments for communication and improved coordination. The technology is also wonderfully effective for sales presentation and product demonstrations. You can use broadcasting and webinars to impress your potential customers and score over others by showcasing this impressive technology.

An important benefit of using desktop sharing is the cost saving it brings to an organization. It is convenient to use, ensures better efficiency, and improves productivity without having to invest huge sums of money. The technology is relatively cost effective and easily affordable. Other distinct advantages of using remote access are simplicity, convenience of use, and security. You can save a huge amount of time and money by using this innovative technology.

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