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ShowMyPC releases NEW version of free Remote Support and Desktop Sharing product 
ShowMyPC has been serving millions of users over the past 10 years with easy to use, feature- rich, and most importantly, FREE services for online collaboration.

We are very proud to announce the release of the latest version of our free product (v 3150), which includes a brand new user interface, faster connection speeds, and enhanced support for various Windows versions. As always, there is no cumbersome registration requirement, and you will be up and connected in a couple of clicks.

How to start Free Instant Meeting?

1. To share your desktop instantly, Launch ShowMyPC3150.exe
2. Click on "Show My PC" button to generate password and make your computer accessible remotely.

3. Give the password to remote user. They will choose "View remote PC" option, enter the password, and start viewing. Its that simple!

We believe in providing high quality free services for users to be able to connect and collaborate, and our latest release makes the fresh and modern interface available to our millions of users.

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Announcing the ShowMyPC Affiliate Program! 
We are very excited to announce that the ShowMyPC Affiliate Program has been launched this week.

Our Affiliate program is an incredibly easy way for website owners and online marketers to earn money and generate revenue from the traffic to their site. We pay partners for any accounts that come from their web site as referrals.

Key benefits of the program include:
- Unlimited revenue potential.
- FREE Affiliate Membership.
- Access to the affiliate portal to track earnings, get banners and more.
- Monthly commission on the accounts referred to us.
2-10 references: 20%
11-20 references: 25%
21 or more references: 35%

All partners get access to an online account where they can track their performance in terms of total clickthroughs, conversions and revenue generated from their referrals.

Click here to join our Affiliate Program!

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Quick and Easy Switching of Meeting Presenters 
We have released a new version of our premium meeting software(3160) that enables quick and easy switching of presenters during a meeting. This has been a much requested feature from our remote support and desktop sharing software customers. We have gone a step ahead and allow viewing of multiple presenters during a session. This can come in great use when collaboration requires comparison of multiple user's screens.

Switching screens is as easy as 1-2:
1) While a session is in progress, any user can become a presenter. "Switch Presenter" > "Make Me Presenter"

2) Meeting attendees click "Switch Presenter" > "View New Presenter". This will keep any existing presenter's screen being viewed open, enabling mulitple screen views.

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ShowMyPC has has been recognized by WebHostingSearch.com 
Show My PC is very happy to announce that we are featured as one of the best remote support and desktop sharing software on WebHostingSearch.com for 2012.
WebHostingSearch.com is maintained by professional webmasters who compare the latest software services and tools, and provide a listing of the most useful tools for businesses and individuals. ShowMyPC has been awarded and listed as one of the best remote desktop software.

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Remote PC Access- A Great Boon for Small Businesses 
Remote access is a great time saver. Instead of asking your office to e-mail you an urgent file or documents you need for that crucial meeting, you can access it instantly with a few clicks from your location.

Small businesses can benefit from remote access by running programs from a remote computer and can cut down costs of PC maintenance and repairs by using remote access and support. A maintenance team can fix computer problems across various locations from a main office or wherever they are located.

Remote access is a boon to small businesses because it allows them to react to developing business situations and respond to them promptly, accurately, and in a cost-effective way. The application provides 24/7 access and keeps them ready to face any technical or administrative glitches. With ShowMyPC's Access Home or Office Service, businesses can achieve immense flexibility and control over their day to day operations. The service provides a host of rich features including:

- Access a computer from anywhere
- Reboot a remote PC
- Access and Manage multiple unattended PCs
- Track Lost or Stolen PCs

More details here...

Constant access to information is the need of modern-day businesses, and remote access is tailor-made for such situations. It increases the ability to react quickly and make prompt and accurate decisions with little room for speculative choices. Businesses need not worry about having to carry loads of files, papers, and documents to meetings and conferences. With remote control, they have everything they need at the tips of their fingers.

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