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Screen Sharing for the Creative Sphere 

Today modern technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. Computers are the nucleus of the digital revolution and as well as being used in IT, business and other corporate applications, the intelligent machines are also used in the artistic sphere. Whether its writers sharing their latest content, architects calling on advice from senior drafts persons, fashion designers seeking opinions on their latest collections or Photoshop editors putting the finishing touches on a commissioned album, remote PC sharing software can be used to enhance the creative experience. Want to know more about how remote PC sharing software can help foster inspiration, imagination and innovation in the creative vertical? Read on for our take on some of the key benefits.


When it comes to collaborating with fellow creative minds, remote PC sharing software is an invaluable tool. Often, the best finished projects are the cumulative effort of not just one but many unique minds. ShowMyPC opens up communication lines between creative individuals and ensures that when intermediary inspiration is needed, it’s available on-demand.


When creativity hits, time is of the essence. Artists, writers, designers and other inspired minds will want the flexibility to share their ideas as quickly as possible. With access to remote PC sharing software, designs, sketches, drafts, final copies and more can be shared instantaneously.


Whatever the sector, there is always a direct relationship between productivity and profitability. Rather than waste valuable time copying and pasting text, saving digital images and explaining projects via email, creatives can simply use remote PC sharing software to share content with fellow creative minds in a matter of seconds.

Professional Communication

While artistic endeavors do involve plenty of creativity, there is also a corporate side to being a professional creative. Using ShowMyPC’s remote meeting services, creative professionals can communicate with fellow colleagues and partners from anywhere in the world.


Often creative projects end up being outsourced to third party freelancers. For managers that oversee these assignments remote PC sharing software is a must have tool. The platform supports streamlined communication between users located across the globe.

Whether using ShowMyPC as an individual creative or as a manager overseeing a team of ten or more inspired minds, the intelligent desktop sharing software supports collaboration, increases speed, boosts productivity, streamlines professional communication and aids the freelance management process.

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Top 6 essential tools and apps for go-getting startups 
The start-up revolution has well and truly swept the globe, and the USA is at the forefront of the movement. There are plenty of lucrative opportunities out there for ambitious entrepreneurs, however competition is nothing short of fierce. To give your start-up the best chance at success we’ve cherry picked a selection of essential tools and apps that every start-up should arm themselves with.

Domain registration, web hosting and development tools
In 2013, 191.1 million US citizens shopped online, with numbers expected to soar in the coming few years. Any business wanting to tap into the online market should have an established online presence. Rather than fork out an extortionate fee for a third party provider, domain registration and web hosting support services such as GoDaddy and Weebly allow start-up entrepreneurs to create polished and professional websites at their fingertips.

Providing access to free and integrated collaboration tools for all, ShowMyPC represents a new era of communication for the start-up sphere. Across the globe, the software can be used to collaborate with colleagues, engage with clients and support customers. For businesses wanting to really up the ante ShowMyPC also offers premium services and integration options for enhanced functionality, growth, research and development. "ShowMyPC was built keeping the global reach and community in mind. It is exciting to see the results of open collaboration network helping millions of individuals, businesses, and creating instant jobs and revenue," explain the innovative founders behind ShowMyPC.

Cloud technology is a must have tool for any business wanting to safeguard important information, files and documents. It’s also a great way to share content with other members of the team.

Freelancing Platforms
Hiring freelancers is a fantastic way to arm your start-up with scope, without having to budget for an additional full time salary. Sites such as People per Hour and Elance offer entrepreneurs access to a huge range of talented freelancers that will complete one off projects, on-demand.

Email marketing may not be the most unique marketing technique but it’s still hugely effective. This service allows start-ups to send up to 12,000 free emails a month.

Google Analytics
This is a tool that every start-up should be leveraging, no matter how small or large the enterprise. Use it to gain in-depth details about website performance, traffic, effectiveness of sales/marketing strategies and more. Not to mention access to a wealth of free learning resources.

Whatever sector you’re trying to tap into, these tools and apps will help you supercharge your start-up and hit the ground running.

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Building a team - where can you scrimp and where should you splurge? 
Strong teams are the key to success in any sector. Whether managing a band of IT buffs, a unit of financial whizzes, a cluster of creative designers or any other collaborative venture involving more than one individual, building up a strong team should be at the top of your priority list. To help you get the absolute most out of your team, we’ve put together a guide on areas where you should splurge, and areas where it’s OK to scrimp.


Communication – No matter how tight your budget, never cut corners when it comes to communication. All team members should have easy and instant access to every one of their fellow colleagues. Often teams aren’t always in the same physical vicinity which calls for remote collaboration tools such as ShowMyPC. Using the intelligent software, teams can engage, discuss, share and chat from anywhere in the world.

Support – Teams should always be given ample support. As well as access to the right resources, software and equipment needed to carry out tasks you should also have other less tangible systems in place. This includes stress management training, the opportunity to give feedback/make suggestions and the general peace of mind that if they need any form of assistance they can turn to their manager for support.


‘Fluff’ training – Corporate training and development has generated serious buzz and while some courses are incredibly useful, others are simply unnecessary. Before enrolling staff in courses, be absolutely certain that ROI is going to make the investment worth your while.

Over hiring – It can be tempting to over hire when initiating the team building process but at the end of the day, too many cooks in the kitchen can hinder productivity. Instead, ensure that every member of the team has a clear cut role and is able to bring valuable skills to the table. If you do feel the need to expand your workforce in the future, you can always take on one extra employee at a time or consider enlisting the help of a temporary freelancer. If you choose the latter, remote PC sharing software such as ShowMyPC is a great way to streamline the communications process.

On-the-job perks – It’s important to reward your team for their hard work but not at the expense of your business. If you’re just starting out then smaller, scaled rewards will do the trick. As your business grows, you can start to offer better rewards and on-the-job perks.

Now you know where to scrimp and where to splurge you can start building a better team, today!

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New premium version released 

What's new in Premium version 3525?

- New Enhanced UI
- Quick share link to send meeting information to users

- Viewer has a quick access button to View All PCs

- More granular control on host sharing settings (this provides options for further security and control over sessions)
1. Prevent remote viewer from controlling computer
2. Prevent remote viewer from transferring files
3. Disable local mouse and keyboard during sessions

- Bug fix for Mac viewer displaying black screen

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Five cost effective ways to collaborate internationally 
With the rise of the internet has come the opportunity for companies to expand operations to international shores. This means that today, a plethora of businesses operate in countries across the globe. Londoners communicate with Sydney-siders, New Yorkers attend business meetings with Cape Town dwellers, Canadians take part in conference calls with Chinese colleagues and so on.

Of course, collaboration between international employees can be both difficult and expensive. To cut expenses, save time and increase efficiency we’ve come up with five cost effective ways to enhance your international collaboration efforts.

Send regular companywide updates
Creating a sense of company-wide collaboration is an essential part of building a strong team, even if members are in different geographic locations. One inexpensive yet effective way to do this is to compose and send regular companywide updates that keep every employee in the loop. A kind of corporate newsletter to announce new developments, recognise high performers and generally create a stronger international community of workers.

Invest in remote desktop sharing and meeting services
For enterprises manned by an international workforce, investing in remote desktop sharing and meeting services software is a hugely effective way to boost collaboration strategies. Instead of relying on group emails and conference calls, employees will be able to remotely share and access the desktops of their colleagues in an instant. They’ll also be able to use meeting services to attend virtual conferences with employees on the other side of the world.

Ensure contact details are readily available
Another way to create a strong international collaboration strategy is to ensure that all employees have access to the contact details of their colleagues. Direct email and phone lines will make it far easier and faster for them to ask questions, answer questions, and check facts. Company wide intranet services and employee databases already make this simple.

Launch a company intranet
It may require an initial investment of time and money but launching a company intranet can seriously augment international collaboration. It will give every employee access to a wide range of information, at their fingertips.

Armed with these five simple tips, you should be able to create a cost effective international collaboration strategy.

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