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The Future of Desktop Sharing For Real Time Communication

With Microsoft predicting that by 2025 the world will host 4.7 billion internet users, the adoption rates of desktop sharing are definitely set to soar. Computers have become ubiquitous in all aspects of our lives these days, whether it is for work, online shopping, travel planning, or education.As computer technology has advanced, so too have the tools that complement it. In particular, desktop sharing has become one of the most popular ways for computer users to remotely communicate with each other and quickly achieve what would have taken a much longer time in the past.

Higher bandwidths

As technology advances, desktop sharing is set to get faster and more efficient than ever. This will largely be due to cutting edge bandwidth developments, with TeleGeography predicting that by 2018 international bandwidth availability will rise to 606.6 terabits per second and by 2020, 1,103.3 per second.

Infiltration of all sectors

In the future expect to see desktop sharing emerge as a must have tool for businesses and service providers operating in all market sectors. As well as its current applications for corporate sectors such as business, banking, taxation and law, desktop sharing tools will also be adopted by a myriad of other markets such as healthcare, retail, science and more.

Desktop sharing on-the-go

Could desktop sharing soon be a feature seen on the smartphones of everyday citizens. According to insider chatter, the answer is yes! Apple has recently been granted a patent which would see FaceTime double as a collaborative productivity tool where users can share screens while conducting a two-way video conversation. Furthermore, leading remote desktop support and meeting providers such as Show My PC are already offering Android and iPhone support across their range of packages. With GSMA Intelligence predicting that the number of mobile internet users in the developing world will soar to 45% by 2020, mobile desktop sharing is definitely on the horizon.

Better services for users

Today, people expect more and more from technological services. Desktop sharing providers that can’t keep up with the demands of customers risk losing business at a rapid rate. To retain custom, expect to see providers rolling out better deals for customers across the board. Already, this can be seen in in services such as Show My PC which offers users unlimited hosting for private PCs, premium meeting support and a free helpdesk system.

With plenty of exciting new developments on the horizon, the future of desktop sharing is looking bright.

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