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  • Working from Home Is Here To Stay

    If there is one post-Covid-19 trend that seems to remain, it is working from home. Many people have successfully made the switch to remote work and have no complaints. They find it to be very satisfying. However, some people prefer working at the office. If you are wondering what to expect in the future, you have come to the right place. This post ...

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  • Devices You Need to Work from Home in 2021

    One of the biggest shifts we saw in 2020 to the way people work and live is a move from the office to the home. And just because the pandemic might lift doesn’t mean that everything is going to move back to the way things were before. In fact, many analysts expect they won’t. Given that, you need to be prepared to work from home just a...

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  • The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Transitioning to Work from Home

    Work from home could be here to stay post-pandemic, and that has companies scrambling to figure out what kind of plans for everything from resourcing to the technology they will implement to secure this impending future.  There is more than just anecdotal evidence to back up the bold claims about work shifting from the office to the home envi...

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  • How Employees Are Taking Advantage of Remote Work to Work From Anywhere

    One of the primary advantages of working remotely is the ability to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Although most people new to working remotely started by converting a part of their house into a home office, this is by no means the only option. With the advent of fast cellular internet across huge swaths of the world,...

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  • How to Improve Your Remote Work Environment for Better Productivity

    Although some remote workers haven’t been to an office in years, most of the people working from home today have only been doing so for a few months. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 30% of workers employed in March transitioned to remote work by the first week of April. In the hasty switch to working from home after the s...

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