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  • Opportunity for Educators to Maximize on Screen Sharing

    Teachers and educators are rapidly catching up on screen sharing and web conferencing facilities if the latest research in remote learning is anything to go by. Remote learning among community colleges in America has gone up even as total enrollment in institutions dipped. According to an ITC survey, enrollment in various online programs between th...

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  • The mistakes all remote workers make

    According to the latest GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics data, the number of Americans remote working has grown 103% since 2005 with 3.7 million people now working from home at least half the time (that’s 2.5% of the working population). The Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey found that remote workers tend to be 40+, with a colle...

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  • The online habits you need to break to keep your identity secure

    The rise of the internet has completely revolutionized the way we experience life. From staying in touch with friends, communicating with colleagues, shopping online, managing bank accounts, researching holiday destinations and more, the world wide web has well and truly made its mark on our lives. That said, it’s not quite as secure as we mi...

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  • 5 low cost ways to get your business noticed online

    Whatever sector you operate in, an online presence is your irrevocable best friend. Why? Here’s some stats to get you salivating: The Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance report revealed that a huge 61% of global internet users research products online.   The same report also confirmed that 44% of online shoppers begi...

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  • How to be Productive When Working Remotely

    The modern worker has all the right tools and a flexible way of life that working from any part of the world is possible. However, if you are to change your location and work remotely without prior preparation, you might end up causing more harm than good. Preparation is key if you are to be productive even when working remotely. Whether you are at...

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